Friday, April 1, 2011

Stormy Weather

Yesterday’s post was my 200th. Wow. Now I know why it takes so long for a writer to write a book. It’s so much fun to communicate what happens on a daily basis to people in cyberspace. I don’t know who I reach – awesome.

Last night there was a tornado watch for our county, and a warning for other areas. The wind was rocking the coach and the palms were bent over like this:

A couple of tornadoes did touch down north of us, but we just got heavy rain and some small branches down. We are not parked near any trees, so we were spared any direct hits. We cozied up and listened to the thunder and watched lightning (my favorite past time – usually I’m out IN it - stupid, I know).

Gary continues to do well with his chemo, and we plan to leave on Tuesday. Since I paid for a month here when we checked in to make sure he was good enough to drive at the end of his treatments, I thought we’d stop by the office to let them know that we were planning to leave on the 4th. They were so happy that he was doing so well, that they gave us a really good price for the week we stayed. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone planning to stay or just for an evening. You will make friends immediately and the office staff is superior.

We said good bye to our MountainAire neighbor this morning. They were headed to Maryland. He gave us a couple pointers while doing his departure list. One should never interrupt anyone during departure or set-up, as this can cause major accidents because one is not paying attention to their duties. However, our neighbor (he never said his name) showed us a couple of things on his coach that he loved, and I was impressed with his little hand-made line markers. Two little suctions cups with 2 inch arrows pointing away from each other were stuck low on the windshield. When I asked what they were, he said they keep him between the lines and in the middle of his lane. OOoooooo I want those! I asked him how he measured them which is impossible during driving. He said just pull onto a side road and stop. Mark the spots where the lines hit the windshield, and then driving you will be safe – even in dangerous construction with those concrete ‘bumpers’. OM gosh, I hate those. No more “Left! Left!”?

Last night we planned our stops on the way north to Tennessee. We have a couple days of cushion in case of bad weather when we’d rather not drive, but stay put. It looks like a good drive – a little tricky around the mountains in North Carolina, but we’re pretty familiar with those. My parents lived in Columbus, NC and when we visited we traveled a lot of severe mountainous road in our cars which we will be sure to avoid in our coach.

Meanwhile, it is a beautiful day and we’re going to drive around Sarasota to see what’s new. We love our little city, and always enjoy coming back for a visit. However, there is so much to see and do in the beautiful USA, we can’t wait for our second year to begin! New adventures, new friends, new vistas!

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