Thursday, March 3, 2011

A Little Fun and New Friends (Davenport, FL)

Well, it rained some on Tuesday, not too much and no storms. The plants were happy. But it was out of here by the afternoon and Donna and Ron had returned from their trip up to the cold north, so we decided to go to the movies to see the Oscar winner “The King’s Speech”. First we were hungry so we stopped at Sweet Tomatoes and tried everything. It was all good, as usual. When we arrived at Downtown Disney to see if it was playing there, we discovered it was Senior Discount Tuesday! Yay, we saved $2 apiece. We also had 2 hours to kill, so we walked down to Little Miss Matched, a cool store of clothing (especially socks) that mix and match. The socks come three to a package so that you can make many different combinations. Donna found some bargains. Then we asked at a kiosk where we could find information on Disney cruises. Off to Guest Services to ask. I was given a brochure with a tiny 800 number on the bottom back page. There is no office you can visit. Just get on the phone. Hmmm.

Finally it was time to go in. There are something like 23 theaters in this building, but they are small, and it was a good thing we went in 30 minutes early. It was jammed. Then it was sticker shock time. Highest prices I’ve ever seen for popcorn and a drink. And we thought we wouldn’t be hungry after lunch. Bottomless pits we are, apparently. That was our dinner.

Yesterday Donna and Ron’s friends Mary and Larry came in to stay until Sunday. We had dinner with them and they are a lot of fun. Unfortunately one of their little dogs was very ill last night and this morning we got a quick photo of them before they loaded up and drove back home to their vet’s. The campground was really nice and refunded all of their money – even last night’s!

March is here, came in like a lion and is doing some roaring every day. It is windy with gusts up to 20 mph, so our awning is up and down like a toilet seat. Today we paid for our last month here. It’s so hard to believe that we have been doing our full-timing for almost a year. How fast it goes. Looking back, it was an up and down year, perhaps like every year, but I swear I can remember every day. The people we met were the best part of the traveling. The things we saw were second. We made a few mistakes with the coach, but not very expensive mistakes thank goodness.

The jeep tires should be here tomorrow, and we were asked by Jim and Linda to come to their place in Vero Beach for some kayaking. So after ‘baby’ gets ‘new shoes’ we’ll make plans to get in the water! We’ll keep you posted!

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  1. Happy almost a year.
    Last April we saw you at Small Country Campground and met you at Greenville Farm Family Campground. We enjoyed the visit and look forward to our paths crossing again.

    David & Arlene
    Pahrump, NV