Thursday, November 4, 2010

We're Baaacckkk!

So sorry it has been so long since last post. Our computer is still in the shop. And I hoped it would be a quick fix. We brought it to the free check-up at Staples on Saturday, and it kinda crashed there, so it went in for a diagnostic check (which just happened to be half price that week). We picked up a 2 MB flashdrive to download our information. That makes me very nervous. I have some sensitive stuff on there. Perhaps I shouldn’t be telling you all that…

So, anyway, we have had fun with our new neighbors, Ron and Donna from Missouri/Texas the last couple days. They were scheduled to start last Saturday, but Donna got a call from Disney saying that her background check hadn’t cleared before the system went down. Well, Ron’s had cleared and they were supposed to start together. This put a halt to everything, and they were finally rescheduled to begin together this Saturday with us!

Michelle is doing much better and Henry is growing fast! We visited them on Halloween in their neighborhood called Old Northeast. This neighborhood was featured on Good Morning America last year because of how they do up their celebrations. A production of Thriller was performed on a stage built at the end of their street. About three thousand people go trick or treating door to door and some of the decorations are really over the top. Check out some of these.
For example, this year the production was acrobatics complete with fire breathing on the top of a house!

Oh yes, the adults get dressed up, too.

Everyone gets into the act.
Our son (and dog, Lily) came up from Miami to see this and help escort the children for their treats. However, once was enough for me and Gary.

Yesterday we went over to the Magic Kingdom to check out what we will be wearing. There are some pretty weird costumes that cast members have to wear and I wanted to be prepared. I have to wear green pants or shorts and a white blouse with embroidery on it.
Not too bad. We couldn’t decide where Gary was going to work, so his costume will be a surprise. We also walked about 7 hours. We are in training, don’t you know. It was fun and exhausting. If I have to be exhausted, I would rather be climbing rocks out in Utah, but that will come next spring. I can hardly wait to get out west with the wide open wilderness. But working at Disney is my hubby’s dream, and all dreams must be realized on our adventure. So be it.

Spring will be here before you know it…

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