Monday, November 22, 2010

All Kinds of Creatures

A slow start to this morning with a little washing, but we knew we were going to – you guessed it – the Magic Kingdom with the Monroes. Donna was making French Dip, I was adding veggies, and then we got changed for the drive over. We wanted to show Ron the lighting of the castle and see the fireworks tonight. Just before lunch, we noticed Wal-e Gator headed our way.
Maybe he smelled lunch. Or maybe he spotted Tasha who decided to walk up to the edge of the water. I guess she wasn’t that appealing, as he soon turned downstream and swam away.

After arriving at MK Gary wanted to square away his medical and time issues with a manager, so we headed to Sleepy Hollow first. A co-worker, Haley from Australia, was serving today, so Ron and Donna ordered a funnel cake. If I had had the camera, I would have taken a shot of the ½ pound of powdered sugar on this thing! Gary took care of his scheduling with his manager, then he joined us. What should we do first? We walked through the castle, which is 189 feet tall, into Fantasyland to show them where I work: Snow White’s Scary Adventure,
The Mad Teaparty and The Adventures of Winnie the Pooh (which has just been renovated using interactive games in the waiting line. Have to try those out…)

We did the PeopleMover (one of my favorites), Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor (very funny), Mickey’s Philharmagic (a 3-D movie) ***and then moved into the Haunted Mansion. It was pretty busy last night, and we will run into some block-out dates this Thanksgiving week when we will not be allowed in the park at all. I’d rather be with my grandchildren enjoying a turkey dinner anyway! Soon it was dark and we had munched our way through a Dole Whip (pineapple flavored soft ice cream), egg rolls, nachos and a coffee. And after the Jungle Cruise, Pirates of the Caribbean, and the River Boat Ride (here we are)
it was time for the Electrical Parade, then the lighting of the castle. It was truly spectacular, and we took a million more pictures.
The Blue Moon (see Google) was shining down on us as we walked closer to the castle to get a better look at the lights they used. They looked like ordinary LED white lights, but some were brighter than others, which gives that glistening ice-covered effect. The park was open until 11 pm, but we were ready for beddy and headed for the monorail. Once it started moving I think every child was asleep in 20 seconds. Sweet dreams…

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