Monday, October 25, 2010

A Little More Baby and Disney

Sorry there have been so many days since last post, but we have been Busy with a capital B. Michelle and Henry came home from the hospital on Saturday afternoon. All the children wanted to hold him to see if they could get him to open his eyes. He didn’t.

But he is happy tiny dude, eating and sleeping. So what’s the hurry, anyway? If I could sleep and eat without opening my eyes for a couple days, it wouldn’t be so awful. It might be kinda nice. Maybe I’ll try it sometime…

Well, Michelle had a cough when she entered the hospital, but it got progressively worse and today she visited the Dr. and came home with a diagnosis of pneumonia. My poor baby. It’s really hard to cough and hold onto your stitches and a baby at the same time. Ouch. Hopefully she will be well soon, and go back to nursing tiny dude. On the funny side, she continually calls him Graham. Graham has been her baby for four years, so she has to get used to her newest cutie. I hope I’ll have a better report when I write next.

Henry is supposed to have about 5-10 minutes of sunlight a day, so Brian strapped on the BabyBjorn
and here he is going for a walk.

Lily was very curious about this little creature arriving at home. We decided to let her sniff at Henry and surprisingly she was very gentle. She did want to get into the rocker with him which was a no-no, but generally, she was just curious.

I’m just going to show you a few pictures, and then let you know about our day back at Disney Casting.

Arriving home last night, we noticed we had a new neighbor! But we didn’t see them. This morning we needed to be at Casting by 9 am, so I had to get up early (not my favorite thing – but I used to get up at 5 am, so 7 isn’t that bad at all). Fingerprinting was first. Gary was done in 5 minutes, but it took three guys and 2 machines to get my prints to process correctly. Sheesh. That made me late for my 10 am class, so I had to wait for the 11 am class. Basically the class was filling out another form and learning how to dress for Disney University where we will train on our first day of the job. We thought our class would begin on Nov. 1, but they moved us to Nov. 6. Darn. Another week without our free passes…

Tasha had made a couple of potty mistakes while we were away. I’m not sure it was because we left her in the coach for 5 days (she had her potty, of course) or if there is a medical problem. The bed got hit again – another cleaning job for our duvet. That’s three times in 7 months. Sheesh.

Gary finally got an appointment on Wednesday at the Florida Hospital for his radiation treatment. I hope they can do it quickly so he doesn’t feel like he’s going to scare the children. (it’s not that bad at all, but I would feel the same way if it was me…)

Just as Gary was going to fire up the grill for dinner, our new neighbors rode up on their bikes. Ron and Donna from Missouri. RVers are such good talkers – especially if they are fulltimers. There is SO much to talk about! They are Disney employees, too, and start on Saturday in Downtown Disney in the Christmas store. They will definitely be busy! We finally got to eat around 8, and after putting the sheets back on the bed, we will be glad to hit the sack! Nitey, nite!

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