Monday, November 8, 2010

Always for a Reason

Saturday we turned off the alarm at 5:30 am so that we could make it to Disney University (Traditions Class). It was 42 degrees. We needed to dress ‘professionally – and I mean specific attire, bring lunch, our folders, an ID and arrive at 7:45 am. Remember, I am NOT a morning person.

We brought our friends, Donna and Ron, because last week Donna got a call that her data didn’t make it into the computer in time for their Traditions Class last Saturday. They were pushed to this Saturday, too. So we drove together in the Jeep. We arrived 15 minutes early then needed to check in.

Gary was on the list, Donna and Ron were on the list, but I wasn’t. I was asked to step over to see ‘Michelle’, who basically apologized. That’s it. They couldn’t do anything else. I could go home. I was devastated. Since Gary and I were supposed to do this together because of the one vehicle situation, we really needed to follow the training schedule on the same dates. Well, I told Gary to stay and begin work, and I would have to talk to my recruiter to see if I could get in. I’m sure it will all be worked out. So Gary starts work on Tuesday, see his cute little badge?
and I will let you know when I start. Bummer.

Yesterday, Donna and Ron and we headed over to Downtown Disney to see where they could park for work (they work in the Christmas Store there) and the alternate parking space ¾ of a mile away. Ron has had his knees replaced twice and will find it difficult to walk that far, then stand on his feet for 8 hours. We suggested he get a handicapped parking sticker from his Doctor.

Then we rode around on the monorail, had lunch in the Contemporary Hotel, bought a pin for my Disney bag that Donna embroidered with her super sewing machine for me
and then we grilled some salmon for dinner at their fiver next door. It was another chilly day at 70 degrees, but Tuesday it will be in the 80s again. Ahhhhh, I can hardly wait.

This morning Gary and I left early to see if anyone at Casting could help our situation. When my social was entered in the computer, my name wasn’t there either! Yikes! Rosa told us to wait and she would find out what happened. Soon Carlos explained that I WAS on the list Saturday, but under my passport name, not license (which I had used to check in). Now a long time ago, I was told to leave my maiden name on my passport along with my married name. So when I renewed my passport, an agent said to keep my married name on there too because if I travel overseas with my children and there happened to be an emergency involving them, travel would be expedited because of their last name on my passport. Well, then I married Gary, so I had a third name on it. Of course, that’s the document they decided to list my name under on the list, and since I had only brought my license not knowing they had used my passport as ID, and they couldn’t tell me that while I was standing there, they marked me as a no-show. That explained that mystery. Then I asked the question: if Gary is working with food stands and I’m in attractions, will we have the same schedule? It’s a good thing I asked, because the answer was 'no'. And because he has already received his schedule, I would have to do the same job as he. Double bummer. I was really looking forward to working in Fantasyland and would have loved to work with him there, too. Oh, well. They will call me.

I can hardly wait to get to the quiet of the west. But, I will enjoy this, I’m sure, as soon as all the kinks are worked out. At least I will make the best of it because I’m that kinda gal. Maybe I’ll start meditating….

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