Saturday, November 20, 2010

A Little Magic

It may be really dumb to start the hardest job you’ve ever done when you’re as old as us, but we have just done it. Tuesday was my ‘Traditions’ – an all day class introducing the basic rules, mottos, creeds, fun that we will have, etc. That class was super informative, but not as tiring as Thursday, where we had to wear dress clothes, which I did, but I cheated and wore new black sneakers with my dress pants. Then we proceeded to walk 6 hours in Fantasyland and check out our costumes. This is what I wear everyday.
Very comfortable and easy. I was exhausted, but Gary and Donna met me in the parking lot at 4:30, where I added some socks and a sweatshirt. Then we headed back to Magic Kingdom for dinner in the Mousketeria down in the ‘tunnel’. Great food, and cheap. By the time we got to the “surface”, it was dark. We headed over to where Gary works and here’s a pic of his little restaurant that serves funnel cakes, pizza, corndogs, Mickey-shaped waffles, ice cream sandwiches and all kinds of drinks.
He introduced us to his manager, Jim, and then we headed over to watch Cinderella’s Wish (the lighting of the castle). It was already purple like this,
but Fairy Godmother came out onto the balcony and asked the audience if they would help light the castle on the count of three. It happened slowly, parts of the castle at a time, done to music and it was magnificent as you can see.
Since my legs were about to fall off, we left out the front gate looking over our shoulder as we went and it just got prettier and prettier with shades of turquoise, periwinkle and purple.

Friday was another early day (up at 5:15) meeting our group of 6 for more training. The best part is that we get to go on every ride. We received our assigned location spots that we will be working exclusively. Three of us will operate Winnie the Pooh, Snow White’s Scary Adventure and the Mad Tea Party. Cool. After all kinds of learning and testing on the computer, we rode It’s a Small World, Pooh and Toon Town’s Barnstormer Rollercoaster. Enough of Disney.

Today we awoke at a normal time and went out into the real world. Breakfast at Panera, I returned shoes that I didn’t like, a Walmart run, and came home and did wash. This evening Donna, Ron and we hung out here and Bob came over with his guitar, Gary got his, and all five of us sang some songs together. We need a little practice before we do this publicly. Bob’s got a campfire going by the lake, and we’re going to head over there after dinner for a while. It hasn’t rained in weeks enough to keep the lake filled, and the bottom is showing in places.

Gary works on Tuesday, but I don’t work again until Dec. 1. I think we’ll go visit some of the other parks in the meantime! M-I-C, K-E-Y…….

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