Friday, November 12, 2010

A Bunch of Things

A sincere thank you to all the vets out there. We appreciate your efforts to keep the US safe and free. Thank you for serving. Gary would have been a vet if he hadn’t had a car wreck a week before basic training. He had enlisted in the Air Force and was due at Basic Training on Dec.8, 1972. But he went riding with a friend in a little MG late one night, missed a curve and he went through the windshield. Hurt him so bad, he couldn’t walk for 6 months. Perhaps (as I always say – I know you’re just about sick of it) it was meant to be. Well, if he had gone into the service, he could have had an entirely different life, and we might never have met. Or worse. So, there you are. That’s my take.

This morning, like last, I had to kiss my hubby goodbye as he headed out to work at the Magic Kingdom. Here he is in his casual costume.
Yesterday was a half day, but today it’s 9 to 5:30. Tomorrow it will be 11:15 to 7:15. Then he’s off on Saturday. The PGA tour tees off today on Disney’s Palm and Magnolia courses and runs through the 14th. Since Gary is off Saturday, he is itching to go see it as he can get in free with his ID card.

This morning I went for a walk all around the park. Well, at the far back end I found a trail that went for maybe ¾ mile into a forest of pines and hardwoods. I was careful to watch where I was stepping because of critters and snakes. I saw a small hole but it looked unused. About half an hour later I came out at the back of a house that sounded from the traffic noise that it was on the main road. So I turned around and took some side trails on the way back. A large pine forest with the ground covered in needles and a little clearing whispered my name, and I walked around the scrub and brush trying to find an easy way in. But I couldn’t unless I walked through a lot of underbrush and I was wearing sandals. I shall return. The weather continues to be perfect at 79 degrees with a breeze and puffy clouds and low humidity. Ahhhhh. Eternal summer is my favorite weather.

After lunch, I sanded our wind chimes that have been hanging outside for about 5 years. They make such a pretty sound, I decided to take them with us when we left the house and now they hang on our window awning. But the weather has been tough on the wood, discoloring it so I may need to paint it before sealing it again.

Tonight we are having Polish Noodles for dinner. It is a combination of sausages, cabbage and special egg noodles called Pennsylvania Dutch Kluski (made in Kansas City). Our family loved this dish, the recipe being printed on the package, but I could never find the noodles anywhere but in New Jersey. I used to stock up with bags whenever we visited. So, staying with my brother who actually cooked this dish himself, I stocked up again. Sadly, we are on our last bag. But, the internet is a marvelous thing, and I found that they are carried in Winn Dixie right around the corner! Yay! The recipe is so easy, I’m going to put it here as I can’t find it on their website and it’s not on the package anymore. It’s yummy! We invited Donna and Ron, and they loved it. Here’s the recipe:

1 pound sausage (link (cut up) or loose salt and pepper
1 head of cabbage shredded package of Pennsylvania Dutch Kluski egg noodles

Cook the sausage in very large skillet with lid until well browned. Add 1 cup water and shredded cabbage. Cover and steam for 15 minutes until well wilted. Meanwhile, cook noodles and drain. Add noodles to cabbage mixture and mix adding salt and pepper. Cook gently uncovered for 5 minutes then serve.

Let me know if you like it!

We had a couple of oven s’mores and talked until 10, then the yawns started. I think we’re still adjusting to that nasty daylite savings time schedule, so we called it a night. My daughter, Michelle and kids are coming tomorrow, so I’ll have some fun pictures!

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