Tuesday, November 16, 2010

First Day at Work

Yesterday was my last day off. I did very little. Bob and Mary were leaving for home, so I rode my bike over to say good bye, safe travels. They will be back in January to work a few days. This will allow them to keep their ‘employed status’ for 2011. I checked for mail and found Gary’s and my Family Holiday Pass. That will allow 3 people in with each of us for free until February. We’ll have to plan dates for our daughter, Mandy, and her family to come down.

After lunch, I went for another walk in the ‘woods’ to see what kind of natural stuff I can use for our holiday d├ęcor. I picked up some giant pinecones and found some pine branches and some red berries on something (I hope it’s not poisonous). Closer to Christmas, I will return for some treasures.

As you may know, I am not a morning person, and had to wake up again at 5:30 to make it to Traditions (Disney University) for all day classes. There were about 27 in our group, and we all took the bus to Magic Kingdom after lunch. We were there for about 30 minutes. Part of our tour was a trip through the ‘Utilidor’ – a vast underground corridor that runs under the Magic Kingdom with exits at various locations around the park. Only cast members are allowed down there (which actually isn’t ‘down there’ at all. The tunnel was built on top of the land, and then covered so that the Magic Kingdom could be built on top.) The costume department is the size of a super Walmart! Then there is the Mouseketeria where Gary has had dinner for the last 3 nights. It’s open until 3 am!

My next day of work is Thursday, and that’s Gary’s first day off. I hope we get a couple days off together so that we can have some fun. I also have to be at work at 7:15 in the morning. It’s a 40 minute commute for me, but I found out that some people have an hour and a half each way. I won’t complain too loudly anymore.

Gary has started radiation as of yesterday. I saw him a couple of hours yesterday and left him sleeping this morning with a whispered kiss. He’ll be home around 10:30 tonight, exhausted again. The radiation doesn’t have too much affect on him, but running to the medical center, then right off to work is really tiring. He’ll be glad to have Thursday off.

Well, that’s about it for today. I’ll have to give you some more info next time!

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