Monday, September 27, 2010

Meeting Neighbors

Sunday was ‘all you can eat pancake’ day at the clubhouse. We met some more people as we ate pancakes shaped like Mickey Mouse (a sign, I’m sure). A lot of people work at Disney here full time and part time. Disney employs about 6000 people, so it stands to reason these people have to live around the park somewhere. More helpful insights and words of advice.

These are shots of our view to the right of the coach, and our resident alligator. The sandhill cranes are a family of Dad, Mom and two little ones who were born in June. They walk around sounding just like the raptors in the move Jurassic Park. Some people feed them corn and they have learned to show up at the same time everyday for the treat. They do have some enemies – another group of cranes. I haven’t seen it yet, but they are said to duke it out at times. Should be an interesting sight.

Sunday night was the “Ice Cream Social”. More and different people with more advice. Bob and Mary are down from Panama City to work at the Food and Wine Festival. This is their fourth year working for Disney in different capacities and he was hired again this year. They invited us on Wednesday to go to Universal Studios to apply with his wife as he heard from a friend that they are hiring right now and have a bus that picks you up from here and takes you up there. That is about a half hour ride, and if that’s true, it is a BIG perk! His thinking is that we could all ride together. (that is if we all get jobs and have the same hours)

Today we met Miss Amelia at Universal HR who was very nice and told us to go right on back and apply on line, then come see her. She would then arrange an interview right then. Well, Mary decided she didn’t want to work for Universal after all, so we left to head home. We were about 10 minutes out and I realized that I had left my planner in the bathroom. Gary called Universal, and it had been turned in to security. I felt terrible asking them if we could go back and get it, but they graciously did. It was about 1:30 and so we decided to take them to lunch at their favorite restaurant, Golden Corral. We would apply on line later at home.

Now,we have had some computer issues, as you know since we haven’t been able to write in a couple of weeks, but we got it up and running today and opening his email, Gary got a – wait for it – email from – you guessed it – Walt Disney World!! It was asking for a WEB interview which he will do when he calms down. (I didn’t get one yet) But we are rather excited!

Stay tuned for good news (we hope).


  1. Been wondering where you'd been! Waiting to hear more.....

  2. Hold out for more money Garmo!

    Don't worry mom, they have to fill out their staff before they can work the budget for the big guns like you.