Wednesday, September 22, 2010

To the East Coast

Today we made a trip to Casting to update our Walt Disney Applications. The same lady we met before, Rosa, was there to greet us, and she said to go to the computers, make the changes and see her when we were done. We changed our address to our current campground, added a few talents we ‘forgot’ we knew, and went back to see her. She went to our applications, noted the changes, asked us to have a seat and she’d be back to us. We watched her confer with another employee, work on the computer a little, then came and said we were fine, our applications were ‘perfect’ and they would be in touch. Well, let me tell you, we felt like Tinkerbell – I’m sure our feet never hit the ground. Now for the big wait…

Friday we drove to Daytona Beach for an RV show, which turned out to be a sales pitch for Jayco products. But we met a lot of people at our table while we ate free hot dogs. They came and went, and we just sat there greeting new couples. It was the highlight of the trip. That, and the half-million dollar Georgetown. We stopped at the Disney booth to talk about the Wilderness Campgound and learned that we could park there while we worked, but the discount would change each month, and we would need to make a new reservation every thirty days (and perhaps not get a spot). Hmmm. We’ll see about that. The good thing about that is that we would have transportation to and from home so that our hours wouldn’t have to be identical as we only have one car.

We drove past Daytona Speedway (in the rain) and after the show, we decided that since we were here, we would try to drive on the beach! We had some lunch at Bubba Gump’s Seafood restaurant, walked on the beach at the Arts Pavillion, (who’s that cute guy on the left?), saw a giant jellyfish and then jumped in the Jeep and headed to the “World’s Most Famous Beach”. Fortunately it was not spring break, so the beach was only partially crowded, but here we are driving on Daytona Beach! Yeeha!

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