Monday, September 20, 2010

A New Home

It was a hot, muggy morning, but who cares! We were leaving Frog Creek CG and heading to Orlando! We settled our electric bill, moved our coach to a straight area and hooked up the Jeep. The drive was a cinch! I didn’t yell ‘Left! Left!’ at all. An hour and half later we arrived at Kissimmee South or Three Worlds Resort. They were recently bought by CareFree Corporation which has a number of resorts around the country. It got good reviews, and is close to WDW for our jobs (which we don’t have yet). We pulled in perfectly, set up camp and met the part-time employees across the way, Terry and Sherrie and their son, Casey. Lovebug season is upon us as we found out on our drive here. Gary has to clean the front of the coach or those wuzabugs will take off the paint! Oh, and they stiiinnnkkk.

This view is from our patio, but it was overgrown and full of poison ivy. Well, we can’t have that. So we borrowed some shovels to plant our new shrubs – a couple of crotons and a couple heather, cleaned up the other plants that were left here, applied some mulch, killed the fire ants, made little borders from broken patio stones and made our area a little nicer.

I also offered our volunteer services at the office and for gardening for the older folks that find it too difficult to do anymore. The boss said that they might be able to pay me to clean up the mobile homes they are trying to sell. Can’t wait to hear more about that!

This morning Gary made a delicious breakfast from some leftover steak, and Tasha was ready to chow down. She looks like she might be thinking “they’re not gonna let me eat this, I know it, I know it”. She was right.

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