Friday, September 17, 2010

Granny and Nanny

Today is Gary’s mom’s birthday. She is 87 and going strong. Happy Birthday, Granny!

We were trying to get everything ready for the au pair who arrived today in Tampa to help look after four to six children depending on the week. She is from Austria and doesn’t know a lot of English which should prove interesting. Michelle was having a lot of contractions, so I made her stay at home instead of going to the airport. Karina was met by Brian, Lauren, Graham and Lance. She is adorable and brought the kids and grownups gifts from overseas. Smart, too. I hope she has an easy time fitting in.

Lauren was supposed to come home with us, but was too interested in the nanny, so Graham volunteered. We had some dinner, showed him how his bed opened up, looked for the alligator (fortunately we didn’t find it), and read stories. Saturday we woke up at a decent hour – 7:30 and got ready for the beach. Poppy tried to teach him how to doggie paddle. He loved the pelicans and played with the couple of boys next to us. We had a sandy lunch, buried each other and his cars, then headed back to St. Pete. Michelle’s old babysitter came from Sarasota to show the new nanny the ropes and we headed out for a delicious dinner with Brian and Michelle at Kona Grill. Yummy. It was a dark ride home.

Monday we leave this park, so tomorrow we will have to pull up stakes. A new adventure is right around the corner!

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