Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Working, Working

Yesterday we spent all day in St. Pete moving more furniture, arranging the nanny’s room and fixing things around the house. I know Michelle and Brian appreciate our help, as they couldn’t do it themselves. Brian is learning a lot about how to upkeep and repair their home – something he would previously hire someone else to do. We’re proud of him.

We left around 4:30 with huge thunderstorms all around us, but we only got about 14 drops of rain at home. Our little hibiscus plants are always thirsty. I think we will plant them in the ground around our patio when we get to Orlando. I’m looking forward to moving there, too. Six months is a long time, and we’ll really have a bad case of hitch-itch by the time April comes. We need to start thinking about next year’s job this year. Do we want to work at a mountain area in the summer? Or do we want to work somewhere in the south during the winter? It’s crazy to have to think this far ahead, you may think, but the jobs are being offered now so the employers can get their ducks in a row. So that’s why we, like many others, have to think far ahead. It might be fun to work in Alaska…

Today we went back to St. Pete and worked on the microwave frame, caulking, painting, wallpaper repair, door issues, lightbulbs…the list is seemingly endless. But it gives us something to do each day and we get to see the kids. Little Graham (3) asks each day we leave if we are coming back. Today we picked him up at preschool as a surprise. There’s nothing like a little boy hugging you around your neck murmuring ‘MomPommy’.

We left a little too late and ran into a wall of water so thick that when we paid our toll for the Sunshine Bridge, we couldn’t even see it. Gary was worried about the awning and the wind, but when we got near home, the wind had abated and it was just raining. Whew. Gotta remember that when we’re so far away from home.

Going back to St. Pete tomorrow, but Friday is Gary’s dermatologist appointment to confirm that his the problem with his eye is in fact MF instead of anything else, so I think we will take the weekend off, but will have to get back to “work” on Monday as the new nanny arrives on Friday. She will be really welcomed!

Sorry, there are no pictures - we were too busy working.

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