Tuesday, May 8, 2012

That's How the Cookie Crumbles

I didn't realize it's been so many days since I wrote.  So I'll try to make this not too long. 
I mentioned that we had a decision to make about what procedure to do for Gary's achalasia.  While I was researching Thursday, Gary's Dr. E called and told him that he didn't realize how serious it was after looking at the test results again.  By then, we had decided on the laproscopic surgery, so we got the name and number of the recommended doctor, and gave him a call.  Got an appointment for Tuesday. 

We worked at Michelle's on Friday and Saturday visited friends, did wash, and cleaned out half the basement, going through every thing.  We found a few things that could go and reorganized and vaccuumed.  Gary still had enough energy to BBQ, so he's a happy camper!

Tonight the moon was the closest to the earth since last year.  It was cloudy and being in the park, there were too many lights to get a good shot, but maybe we'll catch it next year on June 23.

Sunday was gorgeous, so off to Lido Key to kayak!  It was there or Siesta Key, and because it was a little breezy, we thought it would be fun to get lost in the mangroves.  The launch area was a busy spot, but we got pumped up and on the water in 15 minutes.  A cormorant swam right over to us and under our boat coming up the other side with a fish.  Too quick for my camera.  We did get up close and personal with the little black mangrove crabs that climb over the branches. 

They're only a couple of inches big, but the young ones can be as small as my pinkie nail.  Cute!

This group was at the launch site feeding their little baby while we were 'inflating'.  And here they were with the little guy strapped to the front of his mom, fast asleep.  [The baby, not the mom.]

We were going in and out, through and under when we came upon this guy.  He was sawing a branch when we spotted him, and continued to work while we waited until he got this branch out of the way.  We introduced ourselves and he eyed our SeaEagle.  He thought we were brave to take our boat through here, and gave us a map.  The navigator in me was very grateful.  There were many people out and about on the water, so we were never in danger of getting 'lost', but I love maps, and added it to my collection.  Here's Bruce, who has been doing this for 30 years just because he loves it.  Thanks for making everyone's experience a little better and safer, Bruce!

We glided on through and enjoyed the coolness and birds, and of course, crabs everywhere.  But Gary was getting hungry, so after two hours, we headed back in.  We deflated, dried off and threw everything in the back of the Jeep.  Driving over the bridge back to town from the island with the sea breeze in our hair (the top was down) is one of my favorite things.

We relaxed with cool drinks on the patio and watched the sunset.  Another favorite thing.

Monday was a work day, and we had fun seeing all the kids as we left late planning a Mother's Day BBQ for Sunday.  There were some huge clouds to the north and south of us as we were driving home, but not a drop on us.

Tuesday we needed to leave by 8 to get to Tampa by 9.  Dr. V went through all the options again, just to make sure we didn't have any other questions.  He answered the ones he had about the surgery and we made an appointment for May 30, the earliest we could get.  The good thing is that we'll be able to play a little more in Sarasota, but the bad is that we won't be able to go as far north to visit my brothers as we had planned before we need to start work at Dollywood in July.  Oh, well, that's how the cookie crumbles.  We'll continue to enjoy living every day we wake up to this beautiful world.

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