Saturday, May 19, 2012

Hangin' in Paradise

We did one of our favorite things last night - we had a beach sunset dinner.  It was cloudy all day, which makes for a terrific sunset, but it cleared up around 6:30.  I threw some leftovers in a cooler and we tossed our chairs in the back of the Jeep.  We decided against putting the top down on the Jeep, because we'd have to put it up in the dark when we got home.  So we just opened the back flap to let the breezes pass through our open windows. 

Lots of people were still on the beach, and the water is a balmy 83 degrees. The tide was out so we had plenty of space to stretch out.

The sun finally neared the horizon and promised a 'Sailor's Delight' sunset. 

We love our little corner of paradise, but at Barnes and Noble today I was looking at photos of other magnificent places in the country we have yet to see.  However, the powder-soft white sand beaches of the Gulf will always have a place in our hearts.



  1. Great way to spend a beautiful evening!!

  2. Ahhh, LOVE the beach. Always have, always will. Enjoy!

  3. We did that often the summer that Jim and I worked on Long Island.

  4. love love love the beach...and what is better than being on the beach at sunset :)....super way to end the day