Friday, May 11, 2012

A Few Good Days

Wednesday was a beach day!  Everytime we go over the bridge to Lido Key, I am awestruck at the incredible beauty.  With the aqua water reaching to the horizon meeting the blue cloudless sky, it's a little bit of heaven on earth.  During the week it is usually less crowded than on weekends, and today's weather was perfect.  We set up our umbrella and chairs and cracked open our bottles of water.  After a long read and gazing into the water, it was time for a beachwalk.  Gary guards the site (hahahaha) and I walk along the water looking for treasures.  Along with a few shells, I found an old dime.  Lucky me!

Three hours later we were ready to go get cleaned up, and headed home for showers.  We did a little shopping and ended up near our favorite sushi restaurant. I heard it calling to us, so I got out of cooking tonight.  Always a good thing.

Thursday was a work day at Michelle's and today we took our Jeep in to get her tires rotated, oil changed and asked about a tow bar.  Mopar doesn't make one anymore that will fit a 2000 Sahara, and the wires that make our seats move all the way forward aren't made anymore either.  Looks like we will be needing a junkyard.  Oh, boy.  I've never been to a junk yard before!

I wish I could post some pictures, but Google says I am out of space.  Can anyone help me decipher what I need to do?  IM maybe?

Anyhow, another good bunch of days under our belt. 

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  1. Peggy, just put in smaller pictures. Google only gives you so much space for large ones. I'm not sure what the size limit is, but they are all free. Just test it. Alternatively you can "buy" more space from Google :)
    Good Luck!