Monday, May 14, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

Saturday we started out at the Red Barn Flea Market for some veggies and a couple of watermelons for Mother's Day tomorrow.  Then we went home and cleaned Bella from top to bottom while I did some wash on the side.  I also completed my "Better Than Sex Cake" for tomorrow.  It involved cake, pinapple, vanilla pudding, whipped cream and toasted coconut.  Yep, pretty yummy! 

By then, I needed a clean up for my Girl's Club party.  It is such fun to talk with the girls.  It was Jean's birthday and she brought her own cake!  Delish!  There were a couple of moments where we had some belly, fall-on-the-floor, tears-in-your-eyes laughs.  Great fun.

Sunday Gary took me to Panera for a Mother's Day breakfast, and we sat for about an hour and half just talking.  Later we drove over the Sunshine Skyway bridge into St. Pete for a BBQ.  Graham (5) came tearing out of the house over to our Jeep when we arrived and said "You can't come in!  We are decorating.  Stay here."  Well, OK.  Fortunately it wasn't too long before Lauren (8) called to us to come in.   There were streamers all over the place and little pink drink umbrellas hanging from the chandelier.   Charming!
Graham basting ribs
Lauren, 8

BBQmeister Gary
                              We spent all day and evening playing and talking, blowing bubbles, looking at photos, and generally having a great time.  The ribs and corn on the cob were delicious compliments of the BBQmeisters, Brian and Gary.  I think we got home at midnight.  We hope all you mothers had a special day, too!

Henry, wishing he could play, too
Monday was a work day, but we didn't have to work too hard.  When we got home, I said to Gary that I wanted to give our neighbors half the cake we brought home, but they weren't there.  They have a 42' Holiday Rambler MH and no toad.  So everytime they need to go somewhere, they pack up and drive it.  Their toad is getting worked on in the body shop.  While I was getting cleaned up, they came in and parked their MH and wandered over when they saw Gary cleaning the love-bugs off the Jeep.  We hung out a while.  Gay has lung cancer and was interested in Gary's history at Moffitt Cancer Center.  We'll see what else we can do for them in the coming days. 

Today is also our daughter, Mandy's birthday.  I call her 'our' daughter, because she feels like it to me, even though she is technically Gary's.  She and Michelle are only 3 months apart, and this was the 34th Mother's Day that I have celebrated!  Wow.  Never looked at it like that before!  Happy Birthday, sweetie!  Hope your day is as special as you are!  And we wish we could be there with you. 

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