Thursday, August 11, 2011

Knoxville, TN

Sunday was a work day.  I gave breaks to different stands which is OK if done correctly.  Everyone got a break or two except me.  That's OK, we started in the morning and both left around 6 pm.  Nothing exciting happened after work.

Monday was a play day and Gary was craving a bagel from Panera, so we needed to go to Knoxville for that.  I wanted to go to Michael's Arts and Crafts store to look for a little shelf we can install under the window behind the sofa.  I remembered Michael's had some narrow display shelves that might work.  The nearest one is in Knoxville, so we started out on the Chapman Highway instead of north through the construction.  Chapman Highway is a four lane (red road) that would have been fine to drive with our coach.  But it ends directly into the center of Knoxville, which we did not want to do, so I made a couple left turns to get us further west.  The drive was good, but it did take a little longer by 15 minutes.  Gary was starved when we got there, but soon was sated with his bagel and cream cheese. 

We went to Sears to pick up a strap wrench as Gary is determined to change our filters after learning how at our Freightliner class last month.  You will definitely get some pictures of that when it happens.  I looked around Belks and then we met up to head to Michael's.  I found the little shelves, purchased a maple colored 24 inch size and agonized over forgetting my 40% off coupon.  The young lady at the counter gave me the 40% off anyway and we signed up for a Michael's Rewards Card, which you put on your keychain.  (I now have about 30 of those little guys)  Now you don't have to remember coupons - hooray!  The best news we learned is that a new Michael's just opened in Maryville, considerably closer that Knoxville.  Gary asked if they opened a Panera there, too???

One more stop at the liquor store (no liquor sold in our neck of the woods) and we started home on Route 40/75 which was quicker.  We had some dinner and relaxed.  I tried my little shelf under the window, and it's the perfect depth, but too short.  I'd need two of them to look good, so I haven't decided what to do about it yet.  Not too crazy about the color, either, as our coach has pale blonde wood AND I'd have to put  h-o-l-e-s (shudder) in the walls.  Still thinking about this one.

Tuesday and Wednesday we worked, and let me say, that our prayers for rain are not being considered.  This week is Dollywood Nights and we are open until 10.  Tuesday we worked from 11:30 to 9 and last night from 10:30 to 11:30.  And the lemonade stand was covered in honeybees, one of which stung me.  I hesitate to kill them as they are practically on the endangered species list, but when they dive into drinks and scare the guests, it is annoying.  Even washing everything down with bleach doesn't keep them at bay because everytime I fill a cup, the sugar attracts them to the drink dispensers.  And I get to do this again on Sunday, thankfully the last day of DW Nights.

Tuesday we drove home  - in the dark! - and at the entrance to our campground were four police cars with their blue lights flashing.  What??  We squeezed past them and to the right was a man standing with handcuffs on and police were searching his pickup.  Always excitement around here. 

Two days ago, a long term resident had her trailer moved next to us, but was dissatisfied with something so had it pulled around the opposite side into another site.  That night her boyfriend's dog attacked the neighbor's grandfather and little boy, and the grandfather fought it off with his weedwacker.  The boyfriend then came out and went after the grandfather.  Well, they were 'asked' to leave, so then we had another long term resident move next to us because her neighbor's husband was drunk and fell into her patio furniture and broke a table.  Did I mention our last day of Dollywood is October 15th???

It's been an eventful week, but not the kind I like to write about.  Hopefully the rest of the week will shape up better than this.  Cooler weather is planned for the rest of the week, so that will be pleasant, anyway.

I hope you will be enjoying fair skies where ever you are, too! 

Today Gary woke up to the sound of a knock on our door.


  1. What a week! Isn't it nice that our homes have wheels? :)

  2. wow you've had some excitement to say the least....hopefully things will calm down a bit for you...have a good work week...hope you get some rest...
    (rick tucker and lilly too)

  3. oh and I will watch later for "the knock on the door' saga....its like a good book..we need the ending :)

  4. What a week! You need to switch to where I work! You definitely do NOT have a good team lead and manager. You need to tell someone higher up about your work situation. It doesn't have to be that way! October 15th? We didn't know you were leaving that early! Are you leaving then or will you hang around with us for a little while?

  5. Sorry the campground situation seems to be a bit iffy!! We will check in to hear about the "knock on the door!" Sometimes staying in one place too long is not a good thing;o(( Hope the neighborhood straigtens up!!