Friday, August 12, 2011

The Knock on the Door

I'm embarrased to say that I began the post with those words, and it did happen.  But it happened on Thursday and I realized that I needed to mention what happened on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday first.  So I started a new paragraph before that line, and that line moved down with each bit I wrote, so I didn't even see it when I published the post.  Sorry.

So, for that knock on the was at 7 am on Thursday.  Gary answered it, and there stood our CG Manager, Billy, asking if Gary was ready to go.  Huh?  Oh, yeah, golf.  "Give me 15 minutes!"  Billy went to get a couple of biscuits, and when he returned Gary was outside waiting. 

Of course, I was awake, and was looking forward to having coffee time with my friend, Brenda at 10:30.  So I vacuumed, did some computer work, and shampooed the carpet.  We carry a Bissell SpotLifter with us. 

Adding some Resolve carpet cleaner and water into the tank does a great job.  You spray just what you want where you want it, and the machine has two spining brushes that scrub the spray into the rug and then it gets vacuumed up.  Plus, I can get the carpet cleaned in 30 minutes!  It is on my hands and knees, though, and I don't like to walk on it (it's a bit damp), so I back out towards the door, go do my thing, and come back to a dry and sweet smelling carpet. 

Brenda and I went to the Old Mill Pottery Cafe and Bakery where Gary and I had lucked into finding a couple of months ago.  Remember the pictures of the mama duck and babies in the water near our table?  Brenda had never been there before, and since the weather was beautiful, we sat outside under an umbrella.  We were going to have just coffee, but Rebecca, our waitress, handed us the menu, mentioned the specials, and we were suddenly hungry.  Spinach quiche and raspberry almond salad sounded good, and we talked until it arrived.  Oooh, just baked raisin bread, too.  We paid, went to the ladies room, and had to pass a shelf with just baked bread on it.  We couldn't resist, I picked up some raisin bread and Brenda got whole grain.  Thanks, Brenda! 

We went back to her coach and talked a for a while with her hubby, Larry, and then I thought I should get back as Gary and I were planning to clean the awning.  Saturday is Larry's birthday and they invited us out for dinner with them to Huck Finn's Fish House.  Gary and I had lunch there one day, and it had gooood fish.  Hushpuppies, too.  I'll try to remember to take a picture.

When I got home, Gary wasn't home, so I read for a while, and when he did get home, he was too tired to clean.  Well, OK then.  We'll do it another day.

Today was chemo day, and we were up at 7 to get to the hospital by 8:15 for blood work.  He passed, but when the Dr. looked at his face, she was not happy.  We all agreed that this treatment was not working and perhaps there was another choice.  After some discussion, it was decided that he might start an new chemo drug next Friday, and also see a Dr. in the Radiation department to consider proton therapy.  We didn't know anything about this until the volunteer, Jim stopped by to talk to us.  He is an RVer too, although not a fulltimer, and he wanted us to know he was a prostate cancer survivor.  He mentioned that he had proton therapy four years ago and is cancer free still.  When we mentioned this to the Dr., she set up an appointment with the Radiology Department for Tuesday.  So now we have two options.   We'll keep you informed.

They gave him a steroid drip for his eyes that lasted only an hour, and then we had all afternoon.  We stopped at Walmart for some more groceries, puttered until the sun moved off the awning, then tackled that job.  I climbed up on the roof with the suggested concoction of Dawn, bleach and hot water and Gary passed up the hose and long handled brush.  I scrubbed the top half of the awning and Gary got the bottom half from a ladder. 

We rolled it up and let it soak while we changed the water filters and cleaned out the water/sewer bay.  Back to the awning:  unrolled, it looked a little cleaner, but the mildew was still there.  Hmmm.  Half a cup of bleach in 5 gallons of water didn't seem to cut it, so I splashed some more in there, scrubbed it all again and and rolled it up.  We talked with our neighbor about his upcoming job as a gate guarder for an oil rig outfit in Texas, something we really want to try.  That took a few minutes, so I climbed back up on top with the hose and washed off the opened awning.  Bummer, the mildew was still there, just maybe a little less.  We'll take another look at it tomorrow when it's dry.

Saturday I'll be in the campground office all by myself - wish me luck! 


  1. Have you tried Oxyclean on your awning? Just a thought....might work! We need to do ours, too.

  2. Bill swears by a product called Voom RV Cleaner from Camping World. Here is the link to the web site:

    Glad to hear the knock on the door was nothing worse!!

    Take care and know that Gary is always in our thoughts and prayers. We know he will find the right treat!!

  3. We found the best combo for the awning is the mr clean sponges and spray nine takes off the mildew immediately...
    Praying for a successful treatment for Gary...have a great weekend..
    (Rick tucker and lilly too)

  4. Look for a product called JoMax at the hardware store. It is a bleach activator and will crush anything and everything. I use is to pressure wash the house, except it is so great it is a simple stray on and spray off with a regular hose.