Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Fun Days at Work

The weatherman was calling for record highs today and tomorrow.  We needed to start work at 8:30 on Tuesday so it was nearly pleasant when we left at 8, but by 10:30 the heat was rolling in.  No chance of rain, and no clouds made for another hot day at the mines.  Gary waited for me to finish 1/2 hour after him and we raced to the showers.  The best thing about today was fried chicken at the Host Lounge for $2.50.  All hosts may eat a hot meal (or salad/sandwich) at the Lounge everyday for $2.50 - a great worker-perk.  This means I don't have to cook when we get home, but we can have a lunch-type dinner.  I can't honestly remember what we had except for ice cream sandwiches. 

Wednesday was another work day, but we didn't need to be in until 11 am.  I can honestly say, even though it was another heat record breaker, that we had a great time at work.  It was not busy at all, but gently steady.  Gary and I got to go to lunch together with another couple of friends and we almost lost track of the time chatting away.  It got slower and slower, and near the end of our shift (4:30) the Junkband rolled their 'instrument' wagon through Market square and stopped for some water.  We said they needed to 'sing for their supper' and sure enough they did!  Their instruments really are pieces of junk: old shovels, Rubbermaid containers, garbage can lids, and the guys drum with such rhythm, that they drew a crowd that danced and swayed and clapped with the beats.  They finished with a flourish and all applauded and cheered.  Wish we had had the camera...

We signed out and drove home for our showers before heading over to Walmart.  Grocery time again.  On the way home we saw the Junkbanders riding their bikes - oooo, hot to do that.  Speaking of bikes, we need new bikes.  Anyone have any suggestions?

Leftover eggplant parmesan for dinner.  And then there was a knock at the door.  A little boy was there (with his arm in a sling) and a cantelope in the other.  Billy, the CG manager, was in his golf cartwith a big a box on the seat.  "These were grown on my farm, and we give all the office workers one."  Well, wonderful!  Dessert!  Thanks, Billy!

We hit the sack early as Gary has a golf game tomorrow and is leaving at 7 am. 


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