Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Tuesday and Wednesday

We had to get up early to be at the Dr.s by 9 am, but by being early, one doesn't usually have to wait that long, and that was true.  This new Dr, a radiologist, asked lots of questions,and did a thorough exam of Gary.  He said that he was hopeful when talking to Gary's chemo Dr., but when he saw Gary, we could practically see the wheels turning in his head as to how he was going to be able to help.  First, he needed to go through all the radiation records that we brought with us, so he would need to get back to us later.  We bumped into Sarah, the administrator, and she said that the new chemo drug had not been approved yet, but it's still early in the week.  We don't know what's going to happen yet.

We ate in a new Deli called McAllister's on the parkway.  Gary had the soup (broccoli cheddar) and half a roast beef horseradish and cheddar panini (loved it) and I had the ham, cheese and cranberry chutney on whole wheat.  Had to take half of that one home. 

Last week in Knoxville, we were at Michael's and I bought that little shelf.  Well, you might remember me mentioning that there was a Michael's grand opening in Maryville, which is much closer to us, well, not really, just a nicer drive.  As we were getting close to the shopping center, what does Gary spy with his little eye??? A PANERA.  Well, hallelujah - one happy camper!  We returned the little shelf and I looked for a larger one, but they only came in black and white.  Bummer.  We could paint it.  We're still thinking. 

Around dinner time there was a knock on the door.  Ann was there and mentioned that they were moving because the park was being sold.  News to me.  She said that someone else told her and it was still hush hush.  I have to check that out when I go to work at the CG office. 

A little later, there was another knock on the door.  It was our neighbor asking if we could give her son a jumpstart.  Gary tried with the Jeep, but it still didn't start.  Just like all campers, all you need to do is scratch your head and look puzzled and someone will stop to help.  A bunch of guys determined it was the starter, and Gary could only lend tools for the guy to replace it.  They did get it going around midnight. 

Today was a work day for us, but Gary felt so sore around his poor eyes, he had to call in sick.  When I got to work without him, they put me at his job in Sausage.  I cooked sausage and made sandwiches, ribboned and cooked potatoes, expediated (is that a word?) and ran the register, then ran down to the frozen lemonade stand to break Mama Jean.  After I closed the register I asked to go home, and my boss said OK.  My wonderful hubby had dinner ready, and then I settled down to the computer. 

A knock on the door - apparently we have a very popular door.  It was the CG Manager with a couple of melons.  Mmmmm, I love musk melons.  I offered to work at the office tomorrow as there was a mixup on who was supposed to be there.  Free rent for this week, yay. 

So that's about it for the last two days.  Sorry, no pictures.  One day we'll do something fun again and you'll be the first to know!


  1. God bless you both you are such an inspiration to us all...I truly hope you get a fun day are in our prayer basket....

  2. PS sure hope Gary feels better soon and the soreness around the eyes goes away....