Monday, August 15, 2011

All Your Help

Wow, thanks to you all for your suggestions concerning our awning!  We have tried OxiClean, but not Voom or Mr. Clean sponges.  Since the mildew is smack in the middle of our awning, I'll have to be creative on how to reach it with the sponge.  I'll definitely try all your suggestions.  Yay, blogs!  This is part of the reason I write about such trivial stuff.  RVers are a close community and are always willing to help eachother. 

Thank you all, too, for your prayers for Gary.  Tomorrow we'll see a new Dr. and hopefully she comes up with some new ideas. 

Yesterday was the last night of Dollywood Nights.  The park was open from 9 until 10 for the past week, and many of us had 15 hour days.  Gary and I worked 10:30 to 11 last night, but thankfully the park was not that busy.  Also, a major storm headed our way, but it only rained for 10 minutes with some thunder.  Still, it was enough to scare many guests out the park, so it was basically a loooong day, not so hectic. 

This morning dawned with many clouds, but so much cooler.  We put our shoes on outside because we keep them in the bays.  (they're so yucky I won't allow them in the coach) The sun came out as we were sitting in our chairs, and we really had to look at eachother and say "I guess we have to go to work".  But it was a slow day again, and the temperature was perfect, AND we got home at 7:45!  Sooo much better than eleven.  Gary went out on our patio then helped our neighbors with their car while I considered dinner.  I'm still considering it...

Another knock at the door.  It was Ann with some interesting information.  Apparently things are going to change around here, but I need to verify a few things before I share the big news.

Figured out dinner.  Spaghetti.  OK, we're tired, so we'll sign off now, and I'll let you know what happens tomorrow. 

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  1. When we were selling our house Mr. Clean Erasers became my new best friend. They worked on EVERYTHING!