Sunday, May 1, 2011

Work, Work, and a Little More Work

Yesterday was a work day at Dollywood, and for the first time, Gary and I were split up. I began making sandwiches with him, but a team leader took me over to a Frozen Lemonade stand near the entrance. (And exit – more on that later). He took me over to the Cash Center to pick up the cash I’d be needing in the register. We counted it and put it away in the drawer. And then the fun began. It was a non-stop line until after closing at 8. The reason was because we are right near the exit and everyone that had a couple dollars left and were thirsty from eating needed a drink for the ride home. Finally we closed up so that we could spend the next half hour counting money. I hope I get the hang of this.

We finally boarded the bus at 9:15 to take us up the hill to our Jeep. Whew, another exhausting day. I’m sure it will get easier as we do it more often.

Today it was easier to get up, and our legs actually still responded to brain requests. On our way to the Jeep, we saw this very young robin making a mess on our Jeep.
It was not scared at all, and I had time to get out the camera and walk up to it and take a shot. Cute, eh? Then we had time to wash off the little mess it made before heading to work at 11.

Gary and I worked together today and they even let us have lunch together! I was on the register all day, and Gary was on ribbon fries all day. We asked Mark to snap of shot of us in front of our giant griddle.
Looks good, right? (I meant the food) It was a good group of people, moderately busy, and we even had time and energy for a little cocktail on our patio before dinner.

Tomorrow we work again. As someone in the restroom said: “Another day, another nickel”. Yeah, it’s true.


  1. Food does look good :)
    It sounds like weekends might be much busier right now, early in th season. Maybe tomorrow will be lighter. Don't work too hard :)

  2. That's a great photo of you two!!

    One suggestion I would make is to try and do some stretching each day. I stand on concrete 8 hours a day like you do and have been doing it for almost 9 years now (WE NEED TO SELL THE HOUSE!!)Anyway, I find that doing some stretching each morning really helps me prevent back and feet problems!