Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Rain, Cold and Chemo

Dollywood is closed today and it’s Gary’s day for chemo. We arrived at the center early, because the Ontak has to defrost to be mixed, and they won’t begin that process until, as they put it, they “see the whites of his eyes”. If he didn’t show, and it had been defrosted ahead of time, they would have to dispose of it, and it is very costly. After Gary konked out because of the Benadryl, I turned off the TV and picked up where I left off last week in my book. Suddenly, the power went off and the back up generator came on. The nurses scurried around as the machines started beeping on all the patients. About 30 seconds later, the power was restored and all was quiet once again. Did my hubby even notice? No, he was in dreamland.

A few hours later, we woke him up and I drove him home. We had soup and sandwich for lunch as it was only about 45 degrees and raining. Yesterday at work it was raining on and off, but the 30 busloads of kids didn’t care one bit. Of course they rode every water ride and were soaking wet, but perfectly happy in 50 degree weather and cleaned me out of cotton candy as they were heading for the bus home. I don’t remember going to amusement parks on school field trips. I thought that school trips needed to be educational. I wonder what they learned in Dollywood??

We have to work tomorrow and Thursday, but we sure are looking forward to Friday, our next day off. It should be around 83 and sunny, so we are planning a trip to Cades Cove in the Smokies. I’m packing a picnic and my camera for a day back in nature. Can’t wait!


  1. I am so ready for warm weather! This is freaky to be this cold in May! Enjoy Cades Cove. And, no, we didn't do amusement parks as field trips when I was in school.

  2. You are in such a wonderful place...we just loved Smokey Mountain National Park!! We can't wait to go back to Cades Cove with you ;o))

  3. I think your kids were on their end of school year fun trip, not a regular field trip. We ran into the same thing at Hershey last many kids you couldn't do much but try to escape :)

  4. Hey, just wanted to say hello and let you know that we are following your adventures at Dollywood. Sure wish we could be there with you.