Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Another Day, Another Nickel

Yesterday I was assigned to table duty. That meant washing 41 tables over and over from 11 am to 5 pm. The park was not very full, so we were dismissed two hours early. I wish I had worn my pedometer because I am sure I clocked at least 5 miles. We weren’t hungry when we got home, and somehow I got my second wind and we walked along the river which runs along the back and side of our campground. Gary was searching for fish to catch another day, and one obligingly jumped out of the water for him.

Later we sat on our ‘patio’ and talked to a couple of puppies and their humans, then wandered over to Ann and Jerry’s Expedition. They have been here three years but will be leaving this fall for their home in Homassassa Springs, FL for the winter. Jerry works at Dollywood and Ann works two days in the campground office. Our daughter and her family and Gary’s mom are coming up for a visit and we checked out the cabins in the campground. They are adorable, so they booked one for everyone but Granny - she will be staying with us (just a tad more comfortable).

Here’s a photo of the mountain behind us that I actually thought would be fun to climb (if we could have gotten to it)
but on closer inspection, it is a nearly vertical climb. Here is Gary checking out the fish situation.
He didn’t know I took this shot.

Gary had his first treatment today at Thompson Oncology Group. It turned out to be an extra long session because they weren’t really prepared. We finally left around 2:30 just as it started to rain. Stopping at Walmart, we did a little grocery shopping then headed home to do some wash. I am getting a cold, and everyone knows what that feels like. Puny…

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