Monday, May 9, 2011

A Few Surprises

Happy Mother’s Day to all you wonderful mothers out there. It will be beautiful weather in Pigeon Forge for mothers today. We have to work today which is one of the only days I can remember working on Mother’s Day as a mother. I used to be a telephone operator in Plainfield, NJ before I was married and had to work one Christmas, I remember. But as a rule, my mother got breakfast in bed (which improved from cereal to a cooked meal as we three kids got older), and I enjoyed that privilege a couple of times myself.

Arriving at work I can usually tell if it’s going to be a busy day by 1) the number of cars in the employee lot and 2) how many people are milling around when we walk to our station. Friday was evenly busy, but they let us go 2 hours early - a welcome surprise.

Saturday was a different story. We were slammed. The lines were 15 people deep all day. I cleaned tables from 11 am to 8 pm yesterday. I could hardly climb the steps to the bus. It occurred to me that I can stand for hours, but walking and bending over for that long is a whole different ballgame. I love working the stands, either Lemonade, Nuts and Popcorn or even sausage, so I’ll have to pipe up and say so. We worked until 9 last night while Gary learned how to ‘close’. That means washing the giant griddle, cleaning the potato fryer, all surfaces, scrubbing the greasy floor, etc. That’s hard work to do at the end of the day. We’re hoping our bodies get used to this pretty soon, let me tell you. I am amazed I got out of bed this morning all by myself. But the people we work with are all so nice, I really look forward to going to work each day.

Mother’s Day looked good when we parked our car and when we walked into the park. Of course, it was still church hours, so I thought it might pick up around lunch time. It did a little, but I started out by cleaning the storage area coolers and heaters – I am the Queen of Clean and actually a co-worker noticed and then hugged me! Then I did tables a little, got to have lunch WITH Gary (a very rare occurrence) and we were let go at 4 pm! A nice surprise. I asked Sandy if I could help her close the register to learn how. As I mentioned before it will take a few more times until I get it. But it’s coming slowly.

We got home, changed and had a lovely sit down on our patio welcoming all the other Dollywood employees arriving home and made plans for a pizza dinner together on Tuesday (1/2 price day) at the Brewery. But tonight we had wieners and beaners for a quick dinner. Gary should be playing golf tomorrow with Billy (CGM) as it will be a beautiful day. He is really looking forward to getting out on the greens and whacking away. I’ll let you know what his scores are tomorrow.

Hope you had an enjoyable day, too!

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