Friday, May 6, 2011

Tuesday it was supposed to rain all day, but it only began when we were leaving the Cancer Center at 2:30. There was a little miscommunication between some people and they called us on Monday asking if Gary had had his blood work done. What blood work? Well, he needed blood work done before any treatment was given, so we got up early to drive over for blood work, then headed to breakfast at Denny’s, then back to the center to begin treatment. The results were great, so they ensconced him in a lounge chair. It took three times to find a vein, but then he was ready. I was extremely pro-active in this treatment. If there is any mistake in the beginning, I want to make sure there will be no others. I had those poor nurses running back and forth asking questions of the Doctor, lab, social worker – anyone and everyone that would help my hubby get the best care. By the time we left at 2:30, everyone was saying so long to Gary. Next treatment: Monday for more lab work and then Tuesday for treatments – every week until we leave at the end of July.

Wednesday I decided to get rid of my cold quickly, so I stayed in bed all day and watched old movies. By the evening, I was actually feeling a lot better. Gary puttered with the coach and picked up a little bit of shrimp for a shrimp po’ boy dinner. They were delicious!

Thursday I was feeling almost all better so we decided to ‘do’ the Titanic Museum – another perk from Dollywood. The Titanic Museum is a two-story museum shaped like the RMS Titanic. One is located in Pigeon Forge and opened on April 8, 2010. It is built half-scale to the original ship anchored in water to create the illusion of Titanic at sea. It was hard to get the full photo from the sidewalk.

The museum holds 400 pre-discovery artifacts in twenty galleries. It is the largest permanent Titanic museum in the world.

As guests enter, they are given a passenger boarding ticket. On this ticket is the name of an actual Titanic passenger and the class they were traveling with their story. During the 2 hour self-guided tour, guests will learn the tragic story from many aspects. In the Titanic Memorial Room, they will find out whether their ticketed passenger survived. Both Gary’s and my passengers survived!

We grabbed some lunch at Salsarita’s being Cinco de Mayo and a special they were running today, then up to Bass Pro Shops to window shop. I love the camping department, no surprise, but we really have everything we need for a while – until something happens and we need that thing that we don’t have…you know how that goes.

Then around 6:00 we headed to work – not to work, but to get our picture taken with Dolly! We clocked in, however, because we will get paid for an hour (yay) and we also get a free photo! Mind you, we are standing with 18 other people and Dolly, but for the first time, I’m glad I’m not very tall, as the shorter people were down in front with Dolly and the taller people were up on bleachers behind her. I’ll see if I can scan the photo when we get it to show you. Dolly was very gracious and always complementing on how we make Dollywood the success it is. She looks great, too!

It only warmed up to 68 degrees today due to that cold front from the rain on Tuesday, but will be back to the 80s by the weekend. We are nice and cozy and having a great time in Pigeon Forge! Check out those mountains!


  1. Hi Guys,

    Glad to hear you have a handle on Gary's treatments. You really do have to take control and make sure everyone is on the right page. NO ONE cares as much as you two continue to make sure they are doing the right thing!!

    Sounds like life is not all work...that is a great thing.

    Can't wait to see the Dolly photo!!

  2. One thing I have learned, working in the healthcare industry, is to always make sure that anytime you register at a healthcare facility, that they either (1) find your records if you have been there before, instead of starting new ones, or (2) register you as a new patient if you have never been there before. That keeps your records together and off the records of another patient and can save your life.

    Sounds like you are getting the business taken care of so that you can concentrate on having fun!

    I, too, look forward to seeing the Dolly photo.