Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Golf, Chemo and Pizza

It was a gorgeous morning Monday as Gary left for the hospital to have blood work done and I turned over to go back to sleep at 7:30 am. Today was Gary’s play date with Billy for a round of golf at Laurel Valley Golf Course in Townsend. He hasn’t played golf in months, so he was a little apprehensive, as Billy plays almost every day. But he shot a 39 on the front nine accomplished by a 64 foot putt uphill from the fringe, and a 43 on the second which wasn’t too shabby. Way to go hubby! He did take some photos of the course, which is beautiful, as you can see. A view of the tenth and a shot of the eighteenth

I did 5 loads of wash and cleaned the whole coach. I love doing that. It takes about 1 ½ hours to do everything (minus the wash, of course). It was a beautiful day and I took time out to have lunch on the patio and read my book a little. Gary grilled a pork loin for dinner and then we relaxed back out on the patio until dark. Great day in the Smokeys.

We ran a couple of errands this morning before chemo at 1:15 and finally got out of there at 4:30 – time enough for a little rest until we met our buds at the Brewery for half-priced pizza. Here we are looking hungry. The waitress had to stand outside the door to get everyone (but missed all but Phil’s beard on the left).

All of us work at Dollywood (except 2 spouses) so we shared what our jobs are like and which attractions were worth seeing around town. Half of us were full timers, but half wished they were. Usually it was because a house needed to sell, or they were looking after an elderly relative. The pizza was delicious (especially because it was half priced) and we may make a habit out of Tuesday evenings at the Brewery!

Tomorrow we will do something we love to do and haven’t done since February. Can you guess what?

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