Sunday, April 3, 2011

A Day at the Beach

One of the major reasons we moved to Sarasota 5 years ago was the beach. Lido Key beach is one of the most beautiful beaches I’ve ever known. The water is calm and turquoise, the sky is a beautiful blue and the sand is sugar white, fine and soft. Today it was the perfect day to hit the beach and everyone else thought so, too.
For the first time, it was a little difficult to find a parking space. However within 15 minutes we were spread out on the beach, umbrella up and enjoying the view.

I did my usual mile walk down the beach and back collecting shells. I try to find the ‘catch of the day’ – a really special shell, and on the way back I found it! It’s a baby horse conch - but unusual because it is orange. I thought that it might look good among a bunch of black scallop shells, so picked up some of those. What do you think?
It’s my little take-along reminder of how much I love the beach.

Here’s Gary hamming it up with a new mustache. He used to have one, but it tickled me so much that it came off on our honeymoon.
His wasn’t quite this large, though.

There is a storm front coming in on Monday night, and we should see some storms on Tuesday – the day we planned to start moving. We might have to rethink that if they are too strong to drive through. The rest of the week should be perfect, however, so we may just sit tight one more day.

Meanwhile – Life is Good!

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