Saturday, April 23, 2011

Our Second Day at Work

We had a great starting time of 10:30, so we could drink a second cup of coffee. It takes us 30 minutes from door to workstation which is half the time it took us at Disney. Yay. One day we're going to ride the trolly to see how long that takes, too.

We were expecting a huge crowd today: the weather was perfect (87 and cloudless) for guests, but a little warm in our outdoor cooking station. However, we jumped right in making those sausages, peppers, onions and ribbon fries. I would love to try some ribbon fries, but we'd have to pay full price for them. Crazy, I know...
At 2.99 they're not too expensive, but they are just a potato deep fried. Not too healthy an option.

My first break was at 1:40 for lunch, but Gary couldn't come with me. For the first time ever I had chicken fried steak. That was on the menu along with green beans, mashed potatoes, brown or white gravy or stuffing. All for $2.50 including drink. I could have had a salad, but I was very interested in seeing what the steak tasted like. It was good! So now I like grits, chicken fried steak and that's it. I still have to get used to okra, biscuits and sweet tea to become a little more southern I suppose.

Another team leader dropped by later to tell me that I needed to start on the register. Great. I was hoping to avoid that like a couple of other people. I politely declined swearing that my checkbook has never balanced in my life, but that cut no ice. So, I was taught about 5 minutes how to do it and let go. It was easy. I guess I have no excuse now. Plus this will allow me to work at other stations like the frozen lemonade stand. Gary will get trained next week, as we have 5 days off until we work again.

We have the option of changing jobs after a month. I like this job, I like most of the people so far, but I am a born organizer. I might get in trouble for doing something. I was looking in a under counter cabinet for some coffee supplies. I found a plastic container underneath everybody's coats and bags. It had one bag of coffee in it, some open cups and a light bulb. That bothers the natural order of things in my brain. I started pulling out everything. I found heavy table cloths on top of everything, rolled up stuff, paper baskets we don't use at all. I hauled all these things into the storage area. Little Ashley was telling me I was sure going to get into trouble, and she was worried someone would blame her. I told her to make sure I get the heat (if there is any). There's rebel in this here Yankee.

Finally it was 7:30 and we could leave. Ouch, our sore feet. We drove home and collapsed with a cool glass of wine. But first we snapped a shot of us in our costumes.
Very comfortable, for sure. Since we had a hot lunch again, dinner was whatever.

I'm looking forward to tomorrow (our 19th Anniversary, Easter and a playday!) We don't know what we're going to do yet, but I'll let you know what it was...


  1. I moved to the south in 1981 and I still can't drink sweet tea! Chicken fried steak is good but I'm not crazy about grits. Try okra in seafood gumbo. That's excellent.

  2. I am Southern through and through....sweet tea is too sweet. I always ask for half sweet and half unsweetened. If it is not sweetened, it is bitter. I am not crazy about grits either, unless they have butter and lots of pepper. As for okra, I love sliced okra dipped in cornmeal and lightly sauteed in a nice oil. I am not crazy about breaded fried okra. I also like whole steamed okra. Not all Southerners are made from the same mold.....