Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Moores Went Over the Mountain

Our journey north through the Smokies was very uneventful. We stayed behind tractor trailer trucks through most of the way up, but Bella was very strong and could have passed them easily.
It wasn’t long before we were in Tennessee and going to go through a tunnel (which was NOT on the map)

but it was short with no restrictions, so that was OK.

Around noon we reached our exit off of 40 south into Sevierville looking for the River Plantation RV Park where the RV-Dreams rally is being held this week. I took this photo to show how big the Smokies were far into the distance, but what really caught our attention is the traffic traveling (thank goodness) north.
It was like that from our exit until our turn into the RV Park (15 miles!). Of course they were doing construction to widen the lanes because the people in the office said it was like that on Sundays, but Howard said they have been coming here for years and it is always like that. Fortunately, we won’t be leaving the park much, so we won’t have to deal with that until our departure next Sunday.

Remember we were going to miss all these storms coming? Well it’s been beautiful everyday (even today) but we are supposed to get some stuff this evening. Because we arrived a day early, our assigned site was taken, so we needed to move ONE MORE TIME into our permanent site which is what you see here. It’s a beautiful park (rows) with a huge banquet hall where we will be having all kinds of fun along with great information seminars.

Last night we met at the RV-Dream team’s Cambridge fifth wheel for a little get together for the people who had arrived early. Introductions were made and volunteers signed up. We met a lot of newbies and saw some old friends from last year. Once you get talking, it’s hard to stop and we hung out there until 8:30. Finally we tore ourselves away and had a little dinner. Gary was asleep by 9:30 – it was his first mountain drive and he was wiped.

This morning we saw the rig leave our assigned site early, so we closed up and prepared to move. Gary suggested I drive, so I said OK. We needed to pull through, go around the end of the park and up a road to the end site. It was a piece of cake.
Here I am driving Bella! Maybe I’ll get on a real road someday.
We pulled (I mean I) pulled into the site, leveled her and now we are sitting pretty on an end site which I love – not that crowded row feeling.

Across the road is the Pigeon River which everyone with boats is itching to get into, but we have to find put in and take out points first. If not, we can go up to the Douglas Dam/Lake, which isn’t as exciting. I’m loving the nesting robins everywhere. They are my favorite bird. Shades of yesterday (or year) when I woke up to their songs in the apple tree outside my bedroom window on Saturday mornings. Ahh, sweet memories.

A few of us girls met at the pavilion to do nametags and surprises for the rally and I started cooking chili for the chili cookoff on Wednesday. Mmmm, it smells good in here! We met at the Cambridge for another evening of talking, meeting and greeting. Again we were the last ones there, feeding the mallard ducks some crackers, when our friends, Don and Lois arrived. I’m so glad we stayed. They picked up their new rig in Knoxville and I can hardly wait to see it. We stayed there a couple more minutes, then finally tore ourselves away for some dinner. Gary got the grill out and did a porkloin which we had with sweet taters and zucchini. Yum.

The storm finally hit us around 11 pm, but it was really mild with rain and some wind, but no tornados thank goodness. It will be cooler Tuesday but clearing up late afternoon with temps up in the seventies for the rest of the week.

Well, we’re looking forward to a fun filled week, and I’ll have some more pictures for you, too! Talk to you later!

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