Thursday, April 7, 2011

Stopping Along the Way

Yesterday was an easy drive up US75 to White Springs. Lee's Country Campground was right off the highway, but quiet and beautiful.

Huge moss covered oaks and lots of grass. Here’s a picture of our spot next to Jim and Pam from California. They had two kitties that have a little outside box attached to the back of their fifthwheel for them to get some fresh air. Brilliant!

Then we met someone walking their kitty on a leash like we tried with Tasha (who hated it). This kitty loved it and came right up to us letting us pet him. Then he was off again exploring. His human explained that he had been trained on a leash and harness since he was a baby. He doesn’t know that leads are for dogs. Ignorance is bliss.

We loved Lee’s RV Park, and if we were to come here again, we would ask for one of the sites in the back of the park among the trees and lots of space between sites. I’m not a fan of sites all in a line. I know it makes sense for a limited amount of space, so it’s OK for a short stay. For anything longer, if we have the choice, we prefer trees and space – oh, and a water view, why not?

We left this morning just before 10 am and it was an easy drive to a Pilot Truck stop where we filled up with diesel again. Yuck. Then another short drive to our lunch stop – a beautiful Rest Area off 75. Can you see Bella behind us?

Only an hour later we were pulling into Twin Oaks RV CG in Perry, Georgia.
We were escorted to our site (in line) and started to set up. When we put our slides in to travel, there is a steel locking bar that I need to lock with a special steel rod thingy. Just to make sure I don’t try to open the slides with the lock on, I have taped post-it notes over the switches. I have to reach under them to press the switch. So, guess what I did today. I didn’t unlock the back slide and the consequences would have been dire had I not realized it in time. Sheeeeesh. Remember those stupid mistakes I mentioned? Well, here’s a good example. (Major hit on side of head)

Another two storm fronts are on the way from the west, and we are trying to plan how to work our way through them. Fortunately we have a couple days leeway so we can stay in one place longer or scoot to another place quickly and stay there longer.

We took a walk around the park, and saw this Cambridge.
Howard and Linda Payne have one and there weren’t that many manufactured, so I wanted to put this on the post. They weren’t home, but their tags were from Georgia. Then there was this rig.
It must have been 70 feet long. Or longer. Gary says there is a really nice car in that trailer. It will probably remain a mystery to us. Of course Easter is coming, and people are decking out their rigs already. Like this?

It was another perfect day for traveling and meeting new people. But now it’s time to have some dinner, and get some rest, for tomorrow we leave at 9 am for a long drive into South Carolina.

Almost there, but we try to remember that the journey is as important as the destination. Yeah.

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