Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Great Rally Beginnings

Such ugly weather for the beginning of the rally. It was cold (62) and windy and sprinkly. But, who cares when there are so many new people to meet and friends to greet and food to eat!

Registration was fun. Every single person came that registered. During registration there was a Braid your T-shirt class that I wanted to attend. I had brought my Key Largo T-shirt, and got the hang of it right away. Here I am with my ‘braided’ (see the bottom) shirt. It will look really good the more I wash it. I was going to do the sleeves, too, but I like the length of the sleeves. So maybe I’ll do that on another T-shirt.
I practiced my braiding on Linda’s hair, too. The rubber band broke, so she needed one side braided again.
Gee. Maybe this is a calling.

For dinner we had the All-American Feast: dogs, burgers, pulled pork and lots of sides (including my favorite: brownies!) We sat with new friends, Suzanne and Dennis and a brand new couple Alice and Dan and chatted away during dinner.

After dinner Linda asked some questions: Who traveled the farthest to get here, etc. It was amazing what people will do for Howard and Linda’s RV-Dreams Rallies. The farthest away couple flew from Maine to Oregon and drove their new rig all the way back to Tennessee. The closest was from Knoxville. The longest full timers were 19 years on the road, and the shortest was 6 days – like we were last year. There were couples with children homeschooled, and then there were many in their seventies. Some were staying in cabins and hotels, looking into the fulltiming life, and they will get great information from the upcoming seminars.

When Linda was done asking questions, we played a little game. A Minute to Win It is a game show on TV and we played a challenge after we divided into teams. Two teabags were taped onto the brim of a baseball cap. The challenge was to flip both teabags onto the rim before a minute was up. Our team was doing great! But somehow we got out of sync with the other teams. So I was last and the only one in the whole room left to go. I declined, but the crowd roared “Peggy! Peggy! Peggy!” so I had to do it.
Here I am trying and trying and finally I got it. Whew. Talk about pressure!

We ended up closing down the place again. But it is sooo interesting talking to people. It’s too bad the whole world isn’t RVers. They are some of the nicest people out there.

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