Saturday, January 29, 2011

We're Moving (A Short Trip)

We woke up to the alarm at 7:15 and had a quick cup of coffee while perusing the Departure Checklists – one for me and one for Gary. I made these lists soon after we got the coach. And we use them every time so we don’t forget things that will cause damage to us or others. Here's Gary takingthe satellite dish down from the roof.
Tasha was worried we were leaving her. Or she was excited to go for a ride. Don’t actually know what she was saying…

We followed our lists and made a departure for Camping World right at 9:30. Perfect timing to get there for our scheduled appointment to get our refrigerator recall kit installed at 10 am. Since I knew the way, and the construction crew had moved the barrels the day before, I was actually calmer than usual.

We met Kevin, who was to do the work, and then wandered around inside Camping World looking for a slide gasket lubricator. I had read about one product and was reading the instructions, but decided word of mouth was a better indicator of quality. I asked a man standing next to me if he had ever used this product as a rubber lubricator. So, as all RVers know, all you have to do is ask a question, and you had better have at least ½ hour to talk, because your life story just falls out of your mouth. Bud had been RVing for 20 some years, and had some good stories. But he had not used that product. He showed us one he had used with success, so we chose that, got some free toilet paper, and headed over to Bella.

Another coach and toad had just pulled in behind us, and they were from New Jersey, so we got to talking while they were unhitching their toad. When I told him what we were here for, he said they had the same situation, but the mechanic had switched the wires between LP and AC currents, so his fridge kept shutting off. Kevin came over and said that she was ready to go. I checked to see if the fridge would change from AC to LP, and it was successful. So, we were headed out to give Bella a run. She has been sitting for 4 months, and that is not good. Lubrication seems to be an important word with all us RVers and so it is. Just like people-joints, you can’t sit (at our age, anyway) for very long without dire consequences. Once again, I knew where we were going and it was a beautiful day, so it was actually enjoyable on the way home.

We pulled her in, got her situated, lubricated the gaskets with our new product, put out the slides, awning and put up the satellite dish.
I am the official satellite pointer. I can get it to read 99 out of 100 as far as reception goes. Lots of men stopped by asking how they could get their wives to do that.

This morning we had a little longer coffee time, but needed to finish cleaning because we were having company: Pam (Tristan’s godmother) and her friend Sandy were coming here to visit on their trip to Florida. They visited us in Sarasota two years ago, and wanted to see our new home. After I did my Walk Away the Pounds exercise, I finished vacuuming and washed the sinks, toilet, shower and floors. (I think I did another mile). We were finished around 11:30 and they were expected to arrive around 1pm. I got on the computer, and had received an email from Pam saying they were not going to make it - they had an emergency and had to return to Canada. Bummer.

Well, we have a very clean coach. I think I’ll go do some wash. We’re going to BBQ tonight – Gary’s famous baby back ribs. YUM! Wish you were here!

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