Thursday, January 13, 2011

Tampa RV Show and Dreamers

What a fun day. We woke up to freezing temperatures, but the sun was warm. Making the 11 am meeting at the Tampa RV show meant we needed to be on the road by 9 and we made it out at 9:10. Thanks to Linda and Howard we had a ticket for free admission. Sure enough, by the time we walked to the arranged meeting spot, there were RV-Dreamers already catching up with each other.
The crowd grew and grew and finally Howard and Linda arrived looking wonderful as you can see.
We had a little lunch in the floating restaurant (it literally floats on a lake) checking out Linda’s new Droid 2 and her Kodak playsport video camera. They are both cool toys – perhaps we will look into the video camera as ours is nearly dead.

After lunch, we split up to check out the show. We were interested in getting our sign carved by an outfit that was there last year. Let me explain. Last summer in New Jersey we had fun cutting out a piece of pine in the shape of our coach. We sanded it, painted it gold and decided to rout our names on it and hang it outside. Bob even found a router for us to practice with, but it is harder than it looks. We thought we might paint on our names, but it would look so much better routed. Tossing in our basement, we got excited to think that we might have the guy we saw at the RV show last year do the routing for us this year. Would he be there, though? We walked and walked and found him in a different place. Would he do it? YES. Gary ran back to the Jeep to get the plaque and Chris McCloud of Signmasters routed that thing in less than a minute. Here is the unfinished product.
The letters need to be painted inside the routing and green swishes painted on to match our coach. Then lots of polyurethane to protect it from the elements. Yay, a project! We’ll take another picture when it’s finished.

We talked to Freightliner and Cummins confirming our choice of how wonderful our coach is using these two components. We also were considering a macerator for our black tank. Guess what that does. There are so many unique and innovative products out there. I wish we had unlimited funds, alas, we have to pick and choose carefully. We walked out with tons of brochures, a couple of t-shirts, caps and free samples. It was getting cold again, but the sunset was gorgeous.

An easy hour ride home, leftovers for dinner, and blog time. Tomorrow it is supposed to be warmer with temps in the high 70’s by Monday.

Every single day I thank Rv-Dreams for their inspiration for our present lifestyle. We love, love, love it. Thank you, thank you Howard and Linda.

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