Monday, January 24, 2011

A Little Bit of Everything

This is Gary with a beach ball.

We are not near a beach, nor are we going to the beach. He is going to do something special with this beach ball. Something we think no one has ever done before. We could be wrong, so if you have ever heard of anyone doing this with a beach ball, let us know. What could I be talking about, you ask? Well, let me explain.

We have something called ‘slide toppers’ on our coach. We have two slides (parts of the coach that extend out to increase our living space). Over these slides are awnings attached to the edges of the slides. These protect the tops of the slides and keep rain and dirt off of them, so that it won’t get into our coach through the rubberized openings when we close them up again. However, they are made of vinyl, and vinyl stretches a little. Pools of water stay up on the slides until a gust of wind or the pool of water gets too full, and then it gushes off the edge like a waterfall. Woe to a person/thing/pet that is standing in that place, don’t you know. So, our neighbor, Ron jokingly suggested we blow up beach balls and place them between the top of the slide and the vinyl to create an angle where no water can pool. Well, we thought that was a great idea.

So here is Gary, stuffing a beach ball under each of our toppers.

It was a tight fit so we’re not worried that they will blow away. But it has yet to be tested for rain. Tomorrow night it is supposed to be windy and rainy, so that will be a test day. I hope I remember to tell you what happens…

Then we saw this little guy.
Actually he wasn’t little at all. He was about 10 inches wide. Gary needed two hands to carry him to safety. I think he was a Peninsular Cooter. It took me 30 minutes to identify him.

Yesterday we got home from St. Pete around 5:30. Saturday we gave Michelle and Brian their Christmas present: 24 hours alone. That meant we had to babysit 4 of their 6 kids for 24 hours. We arrived at 11:30 am on Saturday and Brian gave me instructions on how to put Tiny Dude (Henry, 3 mos.) to sleep in his crib.
OKaaaay… The kids had coughs, but were ready to play. Brian left to meet Michelle at her school and they were going to Orlando for some fun without kids. We were left to have some fun with the kids. And we did. First the trampoline.

Then some X-box. Crafts and puzzles were next with Lauren.

Lance (9) had a friend over Saturday and Sunday. Dinner was their favorite – spaghetti. Bedtime was 9 pm.
Henry went to sleep at 11 pm with us, and we didn’t sleep all night. Every little noise he made woke us up, and when he wasn’t making any noise, we got up to see if he was still breathing. Graham (4) had a nightmare, but went back to sleep right away (but I didn’t). Anyhow, the parents got home at 3:30 and the kids were glad to see them. (Probably not as much as we were). Merry Christmas, guys!

Today, we headed to Big Lots to look for something to hold up our sign (that I’m still working on). We didn’t find anything, but we did see this rig in the parking lot.
Later we stopped at Camping World and he was there, too! Brave guy.

Thursday will be a big day. We will be driving Bella to Camping World to install the recall kit from Norcold on our refrigerator. That means packing everything up. Don’t mind doing that. We have asked the neighbors to move their trucks at departure time so we have some room to make the turn. I’m not worried at all because I am driving the Jeep. We haven’t moved Bella since we arrived on Oct. 20. I think we might have to cut some roots…

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