Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Put 'Em In, Take 'Em Out

Last night was a little scary. We don’t like tornadoes (probably like most people) so when the weather warnings began around 5:00, we began getting prepared. Now, it would be unadvisable to stay in your coach if there was a tornado on the ground near you. The strongest building around here would be the cement block laundry room. We’d have to make a run for it and be lucky enough to fit with the other 250 people here at the park. Our flashlights and umbrella were at the ready. Gary had tucked our furniture away and (sadly) taken out the beach balls. We might have had to put in the slides, and so they needed to come out. We’ll put them back in tomorrow.

The weather guys were going crazy. Sightings here and over there! New warning in – take cover immediately! Hail and lightning, trees down, etc. Red all over the place, as you can see in the TV photos.

We did move the bed slide in, and looked after Ron and Donna’s place as they were at the Magic Kingdom. We had some heavy rain, heavy gusts of wind, lightning and thunder for a few hours, but then it calmed down and we had steady rain (which is much needed) and distant thunder and lightning. After putting out the bed slide, we slept like babies.

This morning the sky was bright blue and the sun warmed us up to 67 degrees. We did a little shopping to find hangers for our sign which I worked on yesterday (but it’s not done yet) and another few little things. It was still a little breezy but a really nice day over all. We survived so Life is Good. We fixed our tire cover so that NO ONE can take it off without keys. Sweet.

Later we will get things packed up and ready to leave at 9:30 tomorrow morning to make our 10 am appointment. Oh. I will be riding in the coach, not the Jeep. Hmmmmmm.

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