Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Mostly Eating

Yesterday Gary and I decided to find a Borders or Barnes and Noble to do some research. When we go out west this year (holy cow – it’s THIS year, now) I’d like some info on places to see. Of course, all the national parks and tourist things, but we also like off the beaten path things, too. We spent a couple hours at Borders browsing and sharing a cup of coffee, and then tried the southern style chicken sandwich at McDonald’s (BOGO free coupon). Gary loves Chic-Fil-A, however, McDonald’s figured out that since Chic wasn’t open on Sundays, they’d pick up the slack with an even better (I think) tasting sandwich available all the time. It was yummy! We’re still eating too much, and it’s so cold, it’s not too much fun to do outside things.

Gary was outside this morning sweeping, when he called to me to bring the camera quick. Across the pond was a blue heron trying to eat the eel he had caught.<
He didn’t succeed, but he tried as you can see by the bulge in his throat.
The eel was about two feet long and about 5 inches around. I think eating it would have killed him.

Today we went on a hunt for a used book store. We could have searched the net first, but we were in the car when we thought of it. We didn’t find one, but we did eat at Sweet Tomatoes to have some hot soup on this ‘high of 57 degree day’. Well, we rolled ourselves out of there…

Then when we got home, Gary spied this red shouldered hawk across the pond in a tree.
Pretty boy. One of these days, something will be on THIS side of the pond. Just as long as it’s not the alligator…

Tomorrow is going to be fun, even though it will only be 57 degrees again. We will meet Howard and Linda and some other RV-Dreamers which is like seeing family again. We are bringing our motorhome plaque to hopefuly be engraved by someone making signs. I will be glad to be forced to walk the whole day. Don’t you burn more calories when it’s cold out?

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