Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Nature Walk Sabotaged

This morning was a little cloudy, but warm in the 70s. After we put away our Christmas and Halloween decorations by moving things around in the basement, repacking and discarding, things were a little neater.

Today I really wanted to get away from it all, and see some nature. We asked Donna and Ron if they’d like to visit Tibet-Butler Preserve. The preserve was purchased in 1989 by the South Florida Water Management District to protect the watershed along Lake Tibet-Butler.
Right now there are six trails throughout the preserve with markers explaining various plants and animal habitats.
It was a nice walk, a great day (not too hot or cold) but the largest animal we saw was this Red-bellied woodpecker on a dead tree.
The smallest was an ant. (I didn't take a photo of him)
We didn’t see another human except in the parking lot.
So an hour and a half walk without seeing the water (Ron couldn’t walk that far) was a tiny get-away at least.
The preserve was right next to the highway, so the noise was bothersome.

On the way home, we found a Baskin-Robbins, and the flavor of the month was Chocolate Escape. Well, OK, then. If I couldn’t escape in the wild, I would try to escape with chocolate. Ooooo. I should have taken a picture of that sundae! I’m embarrassed to say I ate it all. I'm glad we walked a little! Donna is cooking dinner tonight for us, but it will not be until 8 pm until I am hungry again.

Tasha is feeling all better, and was taking a serious nap on my recliner earlier this morning.

All in all, life is good.

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  1. We love Lake Butler Nature Preserve!! And where is the B-R as Caroline is serious about ice cream. A wonderful trait she inherited from Paul. Jim is here with us for the day and we finally found your blog. Can't wait to read more. Would love to catch up with you soon, sushi & sake?? Happy 2011!