Monday, October 18, 2010

Catching Up and Good News!

I’m going to have to go back a few days to catch you up. I’ll start with Friday.
We drove (surprise, surprise) to St. Pete to pick up Lauren (7) for her overnight stay with us. Since we waited for Michelle and Brian to come back from the Doctor’s, we got a late start back home. We had planned to cook veggie burgers (Lauren is a ‘vegetarian’) for dinner on the grill, and then run over to Downtown Disney for a little evening atmosphere. But plans changed when we suggested the Rain Forest Café instead and were greeted with cheers. It was Friday, so we knew we would have to wait, but it was fun browsing the store and watching the thunderstorm. We finally got seated at 8:30 next to the elephants who, besides being extremely noisy were also very nosey. The big one kept poking his nose near Lauren and half the dinner she was in my lap. We ended with a ‘volcano’ dessert – four huge brownies and a tower of ice cream with caramel sauce as lava running down the sides and a sparkler on the top. Yummy! The best part of that evening, says Gary, was carrying a fast-asleep Lauren inside to bed.

Saturday was another gorgeous day – a good day for eggs, bacon and toast.
Then we started making jewelry and hair accessories at the picnic table.
A swim at the pool ended her stay
and then we headed back to St. Pete to end up in Sarasota for Girls’ Club with my friends. It was so much fun seeing them all again and catching up with their lives for the last month. During our gathering, Gary went browsing at Total Wine and ended up at our favorite Japanese restaurant, Kobe, for sushi. Oooohh. He was so sweet he brought me a smoked eel and mackerel sushi. What a guy.

Sunday is pancake day at the clubhouse, and we met a new couple who come down here every year. We talked and talked ending up having to clean our own table as we were the only ones left in the building! Then we headed over to their 5th wheel where Gary helped them hook up their new satellite dish and receiver. We grabbed some lunch, picked up Mary and ran to the grocery store to get a few items for dinner. Gary wanted to cook up some of his famous ribs and Mary wanted in on that when we asked her to come over for dinner. Unfortunately Bob was working. It was a perfect evening except for the mosquitoes so we headed inside for Mary’s apple pie dessert.

Today was my interview with Disney. I met with Barbara and we talked about what jobs were available. I chose the Magic Kingdom (because that’s where Gary will be) running the rides in Fantasyland! We begin training next Monday and begin work on Nov. 1. TaaDaa! We’re really looking forward to this fun job (not to mention the paycheck). If you’re in the area, please come and see us!

Tomorrow we head to St. Pete to do some last-minute-before-baby-arrives things and we will be there until Sunday. Delivery is 11:30 am on Thursday, Oct. 21. Wish us luck! Pictures will be forthcoming and of course, plentiful!

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