Thursday, October 14, 2010

Monday thru Thursday

Monday was cleaning day. I never mind washing clothes or the inside of the coach. It is fast and easy. I do find that I need to wash clothes almost every two days, but you put them in, and take them out and fold them. My washer/dryer does it all. Gotta love it. Some sandhill cranes visited us during breakfast.
Tuesday we needed a water filter wrench to change our filter and Central Florida RV was suggested by another camper. It took a little time to find it, but we got there. There was a little boy, Brandon, who was playing with his trucks on the floor. He told me he was four and that Laura was washing the shelves. Aunt Laura was looking after him as his mom was in the hospital having a baby sister. He doesn’t want a sister, just a brother. Well, I wasn’t going there… Meanwhile, they were hunting down a wrench they thought was around somewhere. We didn’t find anything else we needed, but he offered us some black tank deodorizer for free as the top was broken. Just as we started the Jeep, he ran out with the wrench. Just take it, he insisted. We will surely recommend him to our neighbors. Nice family run business. Makes you feel a little hopeful about the world again.
We suddenly realized we had very little play time left. Friday we will have our granddaughter, Lauren, stay overnight with us. Michelle and family are planning to come for a day’s visit with all the kids, but Lauren won’t go home until Sat. night. I’m looking forward to seeing all my girlfriends from the ‘hood on Sat. night at Girls’ Club where we have a fabulous meal by the hostess and sit and catch up. It’s wonderful, and I look forward to it every month. I wonder if they would like to come to Kissimmee for my turn??
Monday is my interview with Disney, and Tuesday we will be heading to St. Pete for the big delivery day on Thursday. We will stay until Sunday, then return home to begin training on Monday, the 25th. That’s the plan, anyway. We need to see and do stuff quick!
So yesterday, we threw the kayak in the back of the Jeep (remember, it’s inflatable) and drove the hour and half to Sarasota for a haircut for me, Dr.’s appt. for Gary, bank and storage business. After that, we took the Ringling Bridge [notice the seaplane?] to Lido Key, inflated our boat and were in the water in 12 minutes. The tide was out, and there was a little breeze which made us use our muscles to paddle. The water was crystal clear, and rounding a little island, we had some visitors. This cormorant swam up to us, under us and all around us. Then a couple more got into the act. We thought they might want us to feed them, but I think the boat created a false sense of protection for little fish. The cormorants dove repeatedly under the boat and came back up on the other side with little fish which they gulped down. They followed us all the way around the other island and then landed on this odd structure to dry their feathers. The pelican reminds me of a king with the cormorants as his subjects. A couple of raccoons were looking for anything as we were drying our boat. Reminds me of the pet raccoon my cousin had as a kid in NJ. It’s name was Mitzie because it washed everything with it’s little mitts before eating it. It was orphaned when it’s parent was hit by a car, poor thing, so a large cage was built around a tree, and they let it go when it was big enough to look after itself. It was adorable!
Today we looked in Michael’s for a little fall decorating. I’ll show you what we decided on later.
I don’t know when I’ll get back to the blog as we have a busy weekend, [and even some computer issues again] but stay tuned!

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