Sunday, October 10, 2010

Lucky Date: 10.10.10

Today, 10.10.10, is supposed to be a good luck day for some people. It's a very cool day to be born on or get married on. And it won't happen again for another 100 years. Lucky us to be able to experience it!

Friday we drove to Sarasota to get into our storage facility. We needed to find three things: Gary’s box of computer stuff, some important papers and the power washer. The power washer was easy to find. We want to clean off our cement pad. The important papers were in the desk waaayyy back behind lots of furniture. Since we take things slowly now, we just pulled out everything, got them, and put everything back. The computer stuff was a little more difficult. We had to pull out boxes and boxes to find one. Eureka. We found it. It was marked “computer stuff – put in motorhome”. Ooops.

Of course, we found lots of other things we think we will need, threw it all in the Jeep and turned the key. Ugh, oh. It didn’t want to start. After a couple of tries, she fired up. Always something. Gary BBQ’d a pork loin for dinner and then we took a starlit walk. Who needs to go north - the leaves are turning around here!

Saturday we decided to do a little job research. Disney Marketplace is 10 minutes away and we thought we would scope out the kiosk vendors. I think that’s what Gary’s job will be, but we’re not sure yet. Of course, we were hungry by the time we arrived, so stopped at Bongos for a little Cuban fare. Gary’s enjoying it! We had to take half of this home for another meal. We wandered around stopping to talk to a kiosk operator and found out that the vendors in the marketplace are not Disney employees. Well, that was no help at all, so we walked around , tried on some Disneywear, had a little ice cream while watching the balloon go up and down, then headed home.

Everyone visiting Disney seems to be having such a great time. That’s what we’re excited about most of all. Helping people have memorable vacation. We can hardly wait!

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