Thursday, October 7, 2010

Congratulate the Newest WDW Employee

Well, say hello to a new employee of Walt Disney World – Gary Moore! His interview only took about 30 minutes, and he will be working in the Magic Kingdom as a food vendor. We felt sure that the job would be in Security, and it would have been if he made a year’s commitment. But, we have places to go and things to see, so we decided that he might move into another 3 month position at the end of January (when this job ends). We’ll see. We are fond of the saying ‘whatever’. It’s very liberating.

Tuesday we were in St. Pete to celebrate my son’s 24th birthday and our grandson’s 4th birthday. It is so much fun visiting grandchildren – extremely hectic and noisy – but so much fun being grandparents. We took pictures of the three of them in gymnastics class, took them to school, picked them up, Gary and Tristan got in 9 holes, shopped in Target and sang Happy Birthday as Graham tried to blow out the candles all during the song. On all family birthdays we talk about their special day. Often we remember something new that had happened or our feelings about a particular instance. We love reminiscing because it draws our family closer.

Cake and ice cream, photos and then our quiet drive home. I don’t think we said twenty words the whole way. I do remember asking Gary if he had fun, and after he said yes, I said I did, too. We can hardly wait until Henry (or Henrietta) is born on the 21st. Gary starts training on the 25th, and his job begins on Nov. 1. Oh, and I checked my email this morning and I have an interview next week. More on that when I have some information. YAY!

Gary’s Dr. appointment was great, too. The Dr. doesn’t think MF has reappeared, but would like to do a biopsy just to make sure. That will happen next week. Our jeep has just turned 110,000 miles and most likely turn 120,000 before we leave Florida at this rate…

We continue to meet and talk with other residents of our CG and they are a wealth of information. After I scrubbed and scrubbed to get those lovebugs off the jeep, Bob comes over and says that if you wet a Bounce dryer sheet, they come right off. Also, if you add 3 oz. of water to 1 T. Woolite and spray in on the bugs, wait a little, they wash right off. Where was he an hour before???

Tony is 94 years old and stopped in his golf cart to expound on the beauty of Alaska (to which he has been three times) and then Yuma, Mexico where his dentist had been kidnapped on a bridge and held 6 weeks for 3 ½ million dollars (which was paid after they threatened to cut off a finger a day for non-compliance). He was beaten badly and cannot work anymore, but still goes to his practice where his son has taken over. Sheesh. We were going to get our teeth done in Mexico, but we’ll need to think about that. A wealth of information within RVers. They’ve seen and done so many different things! Can’t wait to add to our repertoire. Tony’s advice: TAKE IT SLOW. We intend to enjoy every single moment. Like Tasha is.

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