Thursday, October 21, 2010


Tuesday we arrived in St. Pete to get ready for a new grandson. Michelle was due to deliver on Thursday, and there were the usual things to put together, wash and purchase and pack. Last minute things were needed for the children's school and groceries, lists and instructions for everyone. Tristan, our son, was up visiting from Miami to see his first nephew being born. Everything took all day Wednesday to get ready, so that today all we had to do was drop the kids at school and head over to Bayfront Hospital Baby Place. It was a beautiful day, the sun shining with a warm gentle breeze. We loaded the car with blankets and pillows (Brian was staying with Michelle overnight) suitcases, food, computers and cameras. But, they wouldn't let Gary, Tristan or me in with them as she was being prepped for surgery. We had more things to do (take the car in for oil, eat breakfast, get Halloween candy, pumpkins - well the list seemed endless...)

We were waiting to hear from Brian when to come in, but instead he called to let us know that little Henry Palmer Anderson was born at 11:50 am and was 8 pounds 10 ounces and 21 inches. Mom and baby were doing fine. YAAAAAAAYYY. Henry has been his name for months, but Palmer was decided on this morning on the way to the hospital.

Michelle was still in surgery getting tidied up, so I asked Brian to give us a call when she was in a room. That didn't happen until 1:30, so we decided to pick up the kids and then come see them. I could hardly wait. This is the first birth I wasn't actually there for.

Three o'clock came, we picked up the kids as the teachers all wanted to know if things went OK and we headed over to the hospital. Ever since Michelle found out she was pregnant, she had given up her Starbuck's morning ritual of a vente no fat, no whip white mocha coffee. So I promised her that I would bring her one on delivery day. So we stopped at Starbuck's and I ordered her favorite coffee, but I made it decaf.

We got to her room, and there she was holding little Henry. Unspeakable joy. A new little life to hold in our arms. The kids were a little hesitant, worried if he was OK and if their mom was OK. After they were assured, they started exploring the room. Unfortunately, Michelle was not allowed to drink her coffee as she was on an IV for 24 hours, but I'll get her one for breakfast tomorrow.

As you can see, Henry is adorable and we all took turns holding him, changing his diaper, and watching him eat.Here's his Daddy, Brian, and little brother, Graham followed by Gary and my son, Tristan. About an hour later, the kids were restless and so we walked over to the playground at All Children's Hospital. Which consisted of this boat. They had a ball for 30 minutes, and then we needed to head home.

They are all tucked in now, probably dreaming of their new baby brother who won't be home until Saturday if all continues to go well. Check in tomorrow for better pictures. While we were there, we counted our grandchildren. Henry makes 8. He's Henry the Eighth - how about that!

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