Tuesday, April 13, 2010

It's Over Already

I can’t believe that the rally is over! It was so much fun, especially the SocHop on Sat. night. I dressed in Connie’s poodle skirt and lacy topped sox, put some duck tape on my Reebox to make them into saddle shoes and danced the night away with my date in a white T-shirt and jeans. You should have seen us do the shag to all the beach music the DJ played. We gave hugs to all our new ‘friends’ and took off to Wilmington – a brief and easy drive. The KOA is the only CG in the area, and at $38/night for 30 amp and water only, it’s a bit steep. But Gary wanted to see the other CGs at the north end of the island, but we were unimpressed with them. When we were packing up, Gary found a black widow spider in the bay! This was a bad omen as you shall see. Our drive was easy and our CG in the Holly Springs area of Falls Lake is BEAUTIFUL! I chose site 103, but when we tried to hookup our electric, it didn’t work. I ran over to our CG Hosts, Susan and Ron who promptly came over to see if they could help. No go. The State Ranger, Michael stopped by and tried his tricks, but still no go. We moved to site 101 and tried again. No go. UGH OH – that mean’s it not the site, but Bella! Gary got on the phone to M of TX and talked to Dave who determined it is probably the inverter relay switch. Yuck. That means calling a professional. Good thing Mandy lives nearby! We packed our overnight stuff, and drove down for dinner and fun with the kids before trying to find ‘the man’ on the internet, and doing two loads of laundry. Poor Tasha is all alone in the dark tonight. She had a little run around when we pulled in, and loves the woods. Well, Gary found a fixit place, and I bet we’re going to have to take Bella all the way over there tomorrow, so I will finish the wash and hit the sack. Are we having fun yet?

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