Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Moving Day to John Kerr Lake and Dam, VA

The day before we move, my stomach starts up. Sitting in the passenger side has its issues. Gary swears he is as close to the center of the road that he should be, and all I keep saying is “Left, left!” The coach is so wide (102”) that it pretty much takes up the whole lane. Which means if there is no shoulder, that right wheel is right on the edge of the road. Often there is nothing but a drop-off, and I don’t want to know what would happen if the tires slipped off the pavement, thus the “Left, left!”. Anyway, I am the navigator, but Gary decided to go the shortest route this time. My favorite roads are red roads, especially the ones that are white in the middle of two red lines. That means the road is divided and two lanes and often not crowded. Interstates are OK if you’re in a hurry, and we are NEVER in a hurry any more. Black roads are the ones with no shoulder and gray roads – well we don’t go there – until today. They are practically single lane, no yellow lines, no signs, no anything. I was too nervous to take a photo. Maybe later. Well, all I can say is, thank you to someone for getting us there, and from now on I will do the navigating. The Park Attendant was surprised we made it at all and gave us the correct way out. Reserve America is the website for reserving in any state, national or COE park, but it is very sketchy as far as condition of sites. When we arrived, Dave, the PA, said the site I chose on line (a pullthru) was so small, we’d never make it around. He offered a few sites that were unreservable and we chose a beautiful back-in near the water. It was so level it took two minutes to set up and we were outside walking the beach inside ½ hour. Tasha is usually first on the bottom step to get out when we arrive to explore her new home. Now, some of you may know that I’m a rebel at heart, and even though the rules say your pet must be on a leash no longer than 6 feet, I don’t do that. We started out with a new harness that I tied to the picnic table. Every time she escaped that darn harness, even though I made it so tight she could hardly breathe. So then I began letting her out with just her harness on and a leash dragging behind her. The rules don’t state someone would have to be on the other end of the leash, right? But the park sites are such large wooded sites, that we just let her out. She goes hunting into the woods for about 25 feet and we always keep our eye on her. It’s easy to get her back into the coach – we just shake her treat jar and she comes running. Ahhh, back in our own bed. Off to explore tomorrow and kayaking on Thursday.

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