Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Catching up with old friends

It was a pretty morning, cooler with a threat of thunderstorms later, so we headed to Crabtree Mall to have lunch with Gary’s old work buds. It was fun catching up with them and walking around the mall to see what’s new. Headed back to camp and took the turnoff to the Marina just before the gate. Nice new store, and the proprietor mentioned a bald eagle nest just down the road. We looked really hard but couldn’t see it. A thunderstorm rolled in, but it passed quickly and we drove to Mandy’s for a lasagna dinner without Mandy (who had rehearsal for church). Had to be back by 8 pm for lock up, so seriously looked for the nest on the way back in and spotted it! She was covering her babies as it was raining lightly, and I will take some photos tomorrow! I love bald eagles – they stand for everything American. Back in Sarasota, our new tenants moved in and I assume everything is OK. We opened two more bank accounts, and will mail them deposit slips for those rent checks – got to make it as easy for them as possible, don’t ya know.

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