Saturday, April 17, 2010

Family Happenings

Today was the big 5K race! She came in at 30 min and some seconds (she has to check the chip in her shoe that records the official time). VERY admirable. Good job, sweetie! Then we went off to see Jack at his T-Ball game and he did great! That's Joe's backend coaching him to third base. He made a run and his team won!
Gary is in heaven because we are in Bruegger Bagel territory again, and he is filling up on his favorite flavors. Usually plain with bacon scallion creamcheese, or smoked salmon spread on sesame, or Applewood smoked bacon with cheddar and egg on an poppyseed. Is your mouth drooling yet? I must admit that, even though they discontinued the orange/cranberry bagel, my other favorite it pumpernickle with plain cr. cheese and sliced cukes. Now that's something to sink our teeth into. Brugger's is on our old street practically, so when we visit, we pass our old house in CrossWinds. The trees are getting so huge, it’s difficult to even see the house anymore. I never get attached to houses, but am very particular about choosing one. Just ask any of my realtor. I’ve always told people that I could move every two years. Make new friends, but keep the old, is my motto and imagine how many one would have moving all the time. But, HEY, that’s what we’re doing now! We just move quicker and make friends faster!

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