Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Fun Never Ends

A hundred and three today.  Mother Nature is throwing a hissy fit to end all hissy fits.  Record temps are being set over 2/3 of the country.  Whheeewww, it's hot. 

So where do a lot of people go when it's so hot?  The mall, the pool and the movies.  Been to the mall, been to the pool and so Mandy and I took Ainsley to the movies to see Brave.  Ainsley looks just like Merida with her red curls and blue eyes.  Like all Disney movies, it was adorable and it was my first 3D movie.  Cool.  Literally.

I love figs and we bought a tiny fig bush in Florida about four years ago.  It struggled along, but never was happy, so we brought it up to Mandy's.  She planted it on the front lawn in the flower garden.  This is what it looks like today.  That is Gary's mom standing there.  Even though she's only 4'11", the tree is big!  And it's got figs that will be ripe in about three weeks.

It was too hot to cook, so we wandered over to the Asian Cafe for some sushi. Here's Gary's plate:

Mandy and Joe and Jack ordered so much sushi, it came in a three foot long boat.  They dug in before we could get a picture.  We had leftovers, they didn't.

Sunday I had a headache, probably from the heat, so took it easy in the morning.  Around 1, we picked up some corn on the cob and tea and headed to Camp Central for a huge fish fry.  But first we had our leftovers for lunch.

While we were playing with the kids, it got darker and darker.  A storm came on very suddenly with hail and wind.  But it left just as quickly making everything dripingly humid.

Joe's parents and sister and her friend were coming over, too.  Everyone arrived around 4 pm and we were introduced to Carlos, Mandy's room mate.  It turns out that he has played with our son, Tristan, many times, and I remember him from Tristan's highschool days.  Small world. 

We had bass and striper, burgers, pasta salad and watermelon, asian salad and zucchini cake for dessert.  Virtual feast, and we waddled upstairs for some exercise with the kids before we headed home.  We had put in the awning as usual, and, as usual, were glad we did.  Just some twigs and leaves scattered around and the chairs were wet. 

Thunderstorms are predicted every afternoon this whole week, which is a typical summer pattern.  It's getting close to leaving time on Thursday, so we'll be planning our way tomorrow morning until we meet for lunch with friends.  Because it's so hot, we don't want to be going over the mountains into Pigeon Forge late in an afternoon, so we may take two days to get there.  But you'll know soon as we do!


  1. Yep, it is HOT!! Hit 110 on our car themometer in Columbia on Saturday;o((( Stay Cool;o))

    Safe travels and happy trails....

  2. I don't think there is anywhere to escape this heat! I'm pretty sure Pigeon Forge will be hot too, unfortunately :(